Christmas Eve Dinner Menu

How's your first weekend of 2015? Last Christmas eve, I invited mom, sister Tina and her family, brother Marlon and his family in a simple get together at home hosted by yours truly. I know it will be difficult and time consuming to prepare several dishes so I made our get-together simple but sweet.

The White Elephant Game after dinner

Remember the cake holder I saw at Mommy Mundo Bazaar? Finally, I got them! In one of the Uy's Christmas party and exchange gifts. I told them a cake holder from Melawares.

Red Ribbon BlackForest Cake and Melawares Cake Holder

Five days before Christmas, my wish was granted! A plain white cake holder with cover was given to me and it really excites me to use it on Noche Buena. December 23, I requested husband to bring home a Max's Corner Bakery cake. Because I did not gave a detailed instruction, he went home with a cake roll! Initially, I was speechless but I thought it was the best cake for Christmas eve because hubby took time and effort to get a cake for me!

Not too long, a round cake arrived at my doorstep. It's a Red Ribbon Black Forest cake sent by our friends from Red Ribbon and Greenbulb! I was extremely excited, finally, I will be using my first ever cake holder. :)

San Remo Bolognese Pasta Sauce
San Remo Bolognese Pasta Sauce

Presenting the main dish, a 1.3 kilograms Relyenong Bangus from FisherFarms. It's a tedious work preparing a dish such as relyeno but I would love to try it maybe some other time. Anyhow, I got this huge FisherFarms Relyenong Bangus during the dinner event + FisherFarms' product launch just before Christmas. This tasty, mouthwatering and perfectly cooked relyeno was served that evening. On the spot, I thought it would be a perfect dish for the holidays since my husband and I wanted to serve our relative healthy meal.

Look at the filling! It's packed with fish meat, no extender and has vegetables like carrots, onions, raisins. The fatty portion of the fish is what I like the most. I wanted my family to taste Fisher Farms' Relyenong Bangus so I prepared one for Christmas eve. Cooked in small amount of oil over medium heat to prevent it from burning. My realization though, it would have been better, easier and more presentable if I cook it in an oven or microwave oven.

Fisher Farms by Woman In Digital

FisherFarms has wide variety of healthy, frozen fish products like Bangus Lemon Butter, Smoked Bangus, Fish Frankfurter, fish nuggets and Gourmet selections like Roaster Garlic. I can't wait to cook them one by one and share my experience on this blog.

For pasta, I use Aldente Fusilli and San Remo Bolognese Pasta Sauce cooked in Dona Elena Pure olive oil. Watch out for more Fisher Farms recipe on this blog! Merry Christmas everyone!

Fisher Farms by Woman In Digital

How about you? What special dish did you prepare this holiday season? I would love to hear, leave a comment below!


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