New Year, New LivingMarjorney Soon!

Happy New Year! 

Photo posted on instagram: the Museum of Macau

I just came back from Macau where we welcome the New Year 2015 in a concert at Macau Tower. Our idea of New Year's Eve 2015 is spending romantic time together on the shores of the beautiful Nam Van Lake which is a few minutes walk from Macau tower and joined an outdoor countdown event. We watched the colorful fireworks in the middle of the cold windy night. The view was breathtaking, experience was priceless!

Just before I go back to my routines, I am writing down my New Year's Resolution which focus on balancing everything. Improving last year, making better choices this year.

Sun Sun Hotel Macau

One thing that excites me is the upcoming changes on this blog, watch out for a new LivingMarjorney soon! Thank you dear readers for supporting this blog. It's more than four years since I started this.  I'm thankful that the Lord has lead me to a better road. A life I can't imagine. I also want to say how grateful I am to the brands and PRs who supported and trusted me, the people I've worked with. Cheers to more projects and lasting relationships. 

For lovers and couples, we still have Seats For Two, a blog made to share inspiring couple's stories about the adventures, misadventures of Marjorie and Jonel. I can't wait to tell you stories about our Seats For Two's recent trip in Macau. Some stories will be published on this blog as well. 

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