Day Dreaming of Joining The Upcoming Rising Stars Philippines

Filipinos are great singers. Perhaps, because we love karaoke and we speak English very well. Because most of us dream of becoming a popular singer, the country's newest and biggest talent competition is now searching for the new Rising Stars Philippines!

Rising Stars booth #WomanInDigital
That's me, day-dreaming of becoming Rising Star Philippines

RisingStars Philippines is a televised singing talent competition that will air Nationwide on the TV5 network during evening primetime starting February 28, 2015. This nationwide talent show has been open for auditions via ‘mobile’ on smartphones and singing stations called the Rising Stars booth available in selected areas nationwide.

There are two ways to audition. It can be done online using a laptop or smartphone or visiting the Rising Stars Booth at selected malls all around the Philippines. A series of auditions and regional contests were held since last year in different provinces and cities to find the best-of-the-best talents to represent their home areas.

Last weekend, I was invited to check out the purple booth located at the Cinema level of Trinoma Mall with a mini bloggers' conference with Mico Aytona, host of Rising Stars Philippines.

A recording studio was set up for those who wants to audition. Because the booth is sound proof so as not to interfere with the recording, I did not hesitate to try it for myself. It's okay no one hears except the one in-charge of the booth, lol!

Mico Aytona, Rising Stars Philippines host

Mico Aytona, Rising Stars Philippines host

Bloggers Audition Rising Stars Philippines

Fellow day-dreamers tested the Rising Stars Recording Booth and sung a rock song. I don't think I can sing alone but it was fun singing with friends.

Rising Stars Philippines

Pleasing personality is one of the criteria in choosing the Rising Stars Philippines. Hmm, what do you think of this contestant? lol!

Mobile Platform & Contest Qualifications

The contest is open to amateur and professional singers, 13 years old and above. Filipino citizen or any nationality with legal residence in the Philippines.

The Rising Stars Mobile App
The Rising Stars Mobile App

RisingStars uses a unique platform to take auditions and the opportunity to be on air to everyone’s hands. It's so easy, you just have to download the app on (available only on Android phones, turning the smartphone into a centrally connected karaoke machine). The app also allows social media action as friends and fans vote. You can even leave a comment!

Contestants don’t need to travel for audition. No need to spend time to queue long. The power of this mobile technology RisingStars will reach out hundreds of thousands talents.

Know more about Rising Stars Philippines on
Facebook : 
Twitter : @RisingStarsAsia
Instagram: @RisingStarsAsia

Singing has been our favorite family bonding activity. A form of socialization. Are you one of the Filipino great singers? Then visit the nearest Rising Stars Philippines booth or better yet, download the mobile app and send your best performance!

Good luck!


  1. Hi Shandie, yes di ka maririnig from outside. The same, sound proof din inside so you can focus on singing. :)


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