A Recent Seminar About Physical Intimacy

Twenty-four days before Valentine's Day, are you planning a romantic dinner for your loving husband? Or thinking where to order a lovely bouquet of roses for your wife. Perhaps this occasion could be the best time to assess physical intimacy between husband and wife.

Physical intimacy is something we only want to talk about to our close friends or family members. I am not the best person to ask about it especially when dealing with such issue, because I'm a newly-wed. As a wife, I understand couples who experience problems with marital intimacy. On the other hand, being a nurse, there are numerous non-pharmacological treatment that they can try. In case there's no improvement, couples should not lose hope because there are readily available medications.

A Recent Seminar About Physical Intimacy

In another website, I found a number of reasons leading to lack of physical intimacy. Let me enumerate some:

  • Poor self-image and inhibitions
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Childhood sexual abuse, molestation, rape
  • Lack of Privacy
  • Guilt from sexual sin
  • Stress and anxiety
  • Depression
  • Unforgiveness, fear, grief, anger, resentment
  • Boredom

But there's more than what I listed above. In a recent event I attended entitled "Happy Wife, Happy Life" guest speakers talked about Premature Ejaculation as one of the most common male sexual dysfunction that affect 1 out of 3 men. Not to be confused, there's a big difference between PE and ED (erectile dysfunction). Surprisingly PE is more prevalent that ED.

Happy Wife, Happy Life Campaign

Happy Wife, Happy Life Campaign

Good news is; there are several treatment options that can help you and your spouse get through this problem. Starting with non-pharmacological help namely self-help treatment and behavioral treatment. Most important is establishing a constant communication with your spouse, being open to talk about your feelings, fears and concerns.

The only FDA approved drug for PE is now available. Menarini Philippines continues to promote its Community to Control PE advocacy campaign this 2015 with its "Happy Wife, Happy Life" event.
When it comes to sexual intimacy, couples need to be more open with their partners about what satisfies them.

Happy Wife, Happy Life Campaign

Menarini Philippines together with the Philippine Urological Association, boldly launched its commit to Control PE Advocacy campaign last year to address one of the more pressing issues regarding sexual intimacy - premature ejaculation. The campaign is meant to make couples more comfortable about discussing their intimacy concerns with each other, without it being a cause of insecurity or dissatisfaction.

What I Learned From the Talk:

Communication. Husbands and wives are totally different individuals. In two years of being married, I learned to listen to my husband's thoughts and feelings. In a relationship it also helps giving your partner feedback.  In addition, we see to it to have relaxation once in a while. It doesn't need to spend thousands of pesos. We love watching movies at night and that's our form of rest and relaxation. A good massage often helps to relieve muscle pain from work and stress.


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