Tamarind And The Dog Chase

Remember that tamarind candies in a yellow wrapper back in 80's? It was one of my favorite candies then. I'm not a fan of gummy candies but this soft, chewy sweet and tangy soft candy was an exemption.

Jack 'N Jill Champalok Tamarin Flavored Gummy Candy
Jack 'N Jill Champalok Tamarin Flavored Gummy Candy
I found a new tamarind-flavored gummy candy called Champalok from Jack ‘n Jill Candies.

Jack 'N Jill Champalok Tamarin Flavored Gummy Candy

Almost the same childhood sampaloc candy we're all familiar, but without the seed. Packed in a 20gm snack pack, it's affordable for only P5 (SRP) champalok candy can be enjoyed any time of the day, making it the perfectly on-the-go snack.

Champalok-Tamarind-Flavored-Gummy-Candy via LivingMarjorney.com

Here's a short story of a little girl caught by a street dog thirty years ago. It was around 9 pm when her auntie asked her to buy sampaloc candies in yellow wrapper at the nearest sari~sari store. Like her aunt, she was craving for sampalok tamarind-flavored candy. Unfortunately, on her way home, she had an encounter with a street dog. She stumbled, her lips and forehead injured and bleeding.

Tamarind Candies And The Dog Chase

The story did not end there. Her father heard her loud voice crying and spanked her.
The auntie cleaned the bruises, applied cold compress and gave all the sampalok candies to her.

MINTINI Sweet Mint 

Mintini-Candy via LivingMarjorney.com
Mintini Sweet Mint Candy
Aside from Champalok, Jack N' Jill also released Minitini candy. It’s a mint-flavored soft chewy candy.

Mintini Sweet Mint Candy via Woman In Digital

Between the two, I go for the Champalok candy! The Mintini is okay though. It's a sweet treat that freshens breath. How about you? Do you have similar stories? You probably remember the old sampalok candies, the new Jack N' Jill Champalok brings back our favorite sampalok candies in a sealed pack.


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