Tagaytay and Kenny Rogers' Garlic Butter Chicken

Some things are too good to forget.
On our way to Tagaytay last week, a fellow blogger asked "If there's something you want to bring back from last year, what would it be?"  

I've seen the beautiful Taal Lake a couple of times (the last time was in December), yet I still look forward to coming back. The weather, fresh air, fruits and pasalubong items are some of the reasons why I keep coming back. On our last visit, we saw a line up of familiar restaurants at Sky Ranch. They are the famous in Tagaytay but there are food shops we can also find within Metro Manila.

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Butter-Chicken via LivingMarjorney.com
Garlic Butter Chicken Group Meal
We arrived in Tagaytay almost lunch time and went straight at Kenny Rogers located in Sky Ranch where we had a delightful lunch treat and tried Kenny Rogers' latest offerings. For a moment, we played food stylists; started by answering the question "If there's one thing we want to bring back from the past, what would it?" 

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Butter-Chicken via LivingMarjorney.com

Kenny Rogers answers the question by bringing back one of our favorites meals, the Garlic Butter Chicken. Cooked to perfection with garlic cloves, marbled potato slices and a zest of lemon. I'm a fan of chicken made flavorful because of garlic cloves and I find Kenny Rogers Garlic Butter very tasty, the meat juicy and tender.

One group meal includes 1 whole Garlic Butter Chicken, 4 regular side dishes, 4 cups of rice and 4 muffins. It's a complete meal that can be shared to loved ones and friends.

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Chorizo-Pasta via Woman-In-Digital

The Garlic Chorizo Pasta deserves a mention, a blend of sweet with a little spiciness. Warm corn muffins adds delight in every bite.

Taal-Lake-Tagaytay via Woman-In-Digital
Taal Lake and Volcano
After the treat, we went around Sky Ranch and just like kids, we were excited to try every rides we passed by.

Sky-Eye-Tagaytay via LivingMarjorney.com

For more information, visit Kenny Rogers Facebook Page

Indeed, one fine day over good food, great company, rides and the beautiful view of Taal lake and volcano. It was something I would like to bring back, look back and remember. 


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