Tagaytay and Kenny Rogers' Garlic Butter Chicken

Some things are too good to forget. On our way to Tagaytay last week, a fellow blogger asked "If there's something you want to bring back from last year, what would it be?"  

I've seen the beautiful Taal Lake a couple of times (the last time was in December), yet I still look forward to coming back. The weather, fresh air, fruits and pasalubong items are some of the reasons why I keep coming back. On our last visit, we saw a line up of familiar restaurants at Sky Ranch. They are the famous in Tagaytay but there are food shops we can also find within Metro Manila.

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Butter-Chicken via LivingMarjorney.com
Garlic Butter Chicken Group Meal
We arrived in Tagaytay almost lunch time and went straight at Kenny Rogers located in Sky Ranch where we had a delightful lunch treat and tried Kenny Rogers' latest offerings. For a moment, we played food stylists; started by answering the question "If there's one thing we want to bring back from the past, what would it?" 

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Butter-Chicken via LivingMarjorney.com

Kenny Rogers answers the question by bringing back one of our favorites meals, the Garlic Butter Chicken. Cooked to perfection with garlic cloves, marbled potato slices and a zest of lemon. I'm a fan of chicken made flavorful because of garlic cloves and I find Kenny Rogers Garlic Butter very tasty, the meat juicy and tender.

One group meal includes 1 whole Garlic Butter Chicken, 4 regular side dishes, 4 cups of rice and 4 muffins. It's a complete meal that can be shared to loved ones and friends.

Kenny-Rogers-Garlic-Chorizo-Pasta via Woman-In-Digital

The Garlic Chorizo Pasta deserves a mention, a blend of sweet with a little spiciness. Warm corn muffins adds delight in every bite.

Taal-Lake-Tagaytay via Woman-In-Digital
Taal Lake and Volcano
After the treat, we went around Sky Ranch and just like kids, we were excited to try every rides we passed by.

Sky-Eye-Tagaytay via LivingMarjorney.com

Indeed, one fine day over good food, great company, rides and the beautiful view of Taal lake and volcano. It was something I would like to bring back, look back and remember. 


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