Gourmet Tuyo In Olive Oil at Figaro

The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral in Macau was stunningly beautiful. The museum at the bottom houses religious artifacts, tourists can come inside for free from 9am to 6pm daily. When we visited in January, the weather in Macau was between from 13-17 degrees. So, the entire trip, I wore a winter jacket, F21 boots and Giordano soft khaki pants ( I bought black and grey shades). Surprisingly, despite the cold temperature, I never crave for a cup of coffee instead a delicious bowl of ramen to keep me warm. 

The-Ruins-St-Paul-Cathedral via Woman-In-Digital

Day one, I had Macanese cuisine, American breakfast set with ham, luncheon meat, scrambled eggs the next day. I'm glad there's a wide selection of food at Hotel Sun Sun where we stayed for three days. When you're out of the country, you suddenly miss Pinoy food such as gourmet tuyo, daing (dried fish), tapa, salted egg with fresh tomatoes and kapeng barako. As much as I want to but I rarely cook tuyo at home for some reason so when I learned Figaro now serves my favorite breakfast, I went to the nearest store and give it a try.

Figaro-Gourmet-Tuyo-In-Olive-Oil via Woman-In-Digital
Figaro Gourmet Tuyo In Olive Oil
Figaro's line up of all-day breakfast meals are always on top of my mind each time I dine at Trinoma or Shangri La branches. Why? Because it has everything I want - coffee, fried rice and egg. The Marinated Bangus Belly was my favorite. But I found a new favorite three days ago, it's the Gourmet Tuyo made healthier with Olive Oil (P219). 

Gourmet Tuyo In Olive Oil at Figaro

This is my kind of all-day breakfast meal. Figaro was brilliant pairing savory, salty gourmet tuyo with fried eggplant that's bland and simple. It comes with sliced tomatoes and cucumber for added texture and flavor. Of course, tuyo comes with vinegar.

Aside from All-Day Breakfast Meal, Figaro has added Classic Favourite Meals at P229 per order. Husband and I were able to sample these recently.

Beef Broccoli Stir Fry, beef sirloin strips stew dish with broccoli, quail eggs and young corn. The dish is tasty, I love that it has sesame seeds on top.

Beef Broccoli Stir Fry
Beef Broccoli Stir Fry
First bite reminds me of longganisa, second I find it a little spicy. The steak is fork tender and juicy. Savory and a little spicy describes Figaro's Salisbury Steak Burger.

Figaro's Salisbury Steak Burger
Figaro's Salisbury Steak Burger
Figaro Coffee

Figaro's All-Day breakfast comes with a cup of Figaro freshly brewed coffee; refreshingly iced-tea for the Classic Favourite Meals.

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