Shopping in Macau: Koi Kei Bakery at Senado Square

Most women love to shop, whether window shopping or real spending. Every time we go for a short vacation, my husband usually makes the itinerary and I'm so happy he never missed to include shopping in the list.

Shopping for Almond Cookies, Portuguese Tarts at Koi Kei Bakery
Shopping for Almond Cookies, Portuguese Tarts at Koi Kei Bakery
Our next stories will highlight our recent Macau trip where we welcome New Year 2015. This journey is so important and memorable to us because it's our first time to celebrate NY outside the country, although we were in Hong Kong during Chinese New Year back in 2013. Other stories will also be posted on our couple blog, Seats For Two visit our website and join an ongoing giveaway or subscribe to get email updates.

January 1, 2015 : From Hotel Sun Sun where we stayed during the entire trip, Senado Square is just less than 10 minute walk. We passed by several shops, saw a Pinoy store selling balot and other Filipino favorites and local products. Macau Museum on the other side of Senado Square and these tall buildings.

This is the famous Senado Square rich in arts, culture, stories and also a shopping haven. 

Senado-Square-Macau via Woman-In-Digital
Senado Square Macau
Hubby suggested to get pasalubong at Koi Kei Pasteleria on our last day in Macau. But I already sampled some cookies given by friendly staff when we visited Senado Square on our way to The Ruins of St. Paul Cathedral and its museum.

I can still remember the same crowd at Macau Ferry Chinese New Year of 2013. Inside Koi Kei bakeshop, people hoarding for pastries, beef jerky, candies, Portuguese egg tarts, Almond Nougat and almond cookies.

Koi-Kei-Bakery-Macau via Woman-In-Digital

Here's mine! Of course, I brought boxes of Portuguese Egg Tart ($9/piece $54/box of 6)

Aside from pork jerky and almond cookies, one of the things I missed in Macau is their mouthwatering egg tarts with sweet custard in a crunchy pasty. Standing outside the store and smell freshly made egg tarts, I can't help but fall in line. Egg tarts must be eaten warm

Portuguese-Egg-Tart via Woman-In-Digital
Portuguese-Egg-Tart via Woman-In-Digital

Koi Kei Almond Cookies with Pork Floss caught my eyes. I was supposed to buy the Almond Cookies but saw a variant with pork floss.

A box cost $56 and comes with 12 individually packed delicious, buttery almond cookies.

the pork floss

real almond.

Almond-Cookies via

These Chinese Sweet Crispies was hubby's favorite. I can't remember though if a pack cost $7 or $11.

Do not leave Macau without visiting Koi Kei Bakery, it's everywhere in Macau. They have numerous branches so you would not miss it.

How to go to Macau from Hong Kong and vice versa, read more here.

When traveling, try these wide variety of signature cuisine, sweet or savory food, whether you're in Macau or in my beautiful country, Philippines.


  1. Omg ang sasarap naman ng foods from macau miss marj dream destination ko ang macau...


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