Gain Weight Without Gaining Fat

A healthy diet doesn't have to be boring. Women have different nutritional requirement than men that's why it's important that we learn how to prepare a well-balance meal without depriving ourselves of great tasting food.

This year, I'm more conscious with my husband's diet because of his increasing weight gain. At the same time, I am working on my own overall nutritional state. When I had abdominal surgery last year, my weight went down to 38 kilograms. Since then, my goal is to gain muscles and not fat. My friends would ask me how I maintain this small body frame. To tell you honestly I've been wanting have stronger muscles and at least meet the ideal body weight.

Nutritiously Right
NutriRite Cereal Drink

The newest instant cereal drink is now in the Philippines. NutriRite Cereal Drink has 2 grams of fat per 28-gram serving and 0 trans fat. It has low-fat that makes it the healthy choice for those looking to lose weight, get more fit. Even with small amount of fat, NutriRite retains a delightfully delicious drink. This very quality-low in fat but high in flavor.

Ellen Adarna, NutriRite Ambassador
Ellen Adarna, NutriRite Brand Ambassador

"I'm very excited to be a part of NutriRite," says Ellen Adarna. "I honestly love having it during breakfast, or whenever I feel like having a light snack. And I don't feel guilty eating it because it's low-fat. Plus I don't get that bland taste from other low-fat foods. NutriRite is so yummy!" 

Gain Weight Without Gaining Fat

Oats like NutriRite (low-fat) is said to help lose weight.  What if I wanted to gain weight?

On another website, I read about how to effectively gain weight, to have muscle without gaining fat. It enumerate two ways, the slow and the fast approach. On the slow method one of the things you have to remember is to watch out what you are eating. Tracking everything to prevent fat gain. Eat every three hours, intake whole foods such as oats, brown rice and quinoa. Include exercise on your lifestyle.

Recipes using NutriRite

I'm glad I found NutriRite. Although I've tried different brands I like its delicious flavors. Not to mention that it's affordable, Php5.50 per sachet. I started experimenting healthy dishes and added NutriRite. During the product launch, I tried their fruit salad with NutriRite. A brilliant idea instead of using cream and condensed milk. I never thought it would taste very good. Of course, it still has the same creaminess I love in a fruit salad. I am going to try adding steamed and sliced veggie mixed with NutriRite soon. Also, I will make smoothie with NutriRite.
Healthy Puto and Bloodless Dinuguan at Rapha Valley Farm in Negros

NutriRite Low-Fat also comes in two more variants: Original and Oats & Honey. NutriRite Low-Fat has 30% less fat as compared to NutriRite Original, which has the same great taste with absolutely no trans fat and no cholesterol. NutriRite Oats & Honey has the distinct flavor of old-fashioned rolled oats and a touch of honey, which gives it a subtly sweet taste and creamy texture. Between the two, I love the original flavor.

El Nido, Palawan / March 2015
El Nido, Palawan / March 2015

To achieve my goal, I have to eat well and workout, without it I will gain fat rather than muscle. Starting with simple stretching to lifting; small frequent eating post workout which includes oats, banana and milk. It maybe difficult to achieve but with discipline, focus and a healthy diet I know I can make it. 

Food Empire Website:
Download the NutriRite Mobile App and get recipe ideas

How about you, are you also having difficulty maintaining your ideal body weight? 


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