JobStreet Revealed Annual Salary Report 2015

A couple of weeks ago, JobStreet shared their Annual Salary Report 2015. This year's report reveals that employees in IT - Software and IT - Network, System, and Database Administration are the best paid, consistently occupying the top two spots across all position levels (1 to 4 years’ experience, 5 years and up, and assistant manager/manager).

JobStreet Revealed Annual Salary Report 2015

The only other specialization that is placed in the top 10 for all position levels is Customer Service. Electrical and Communications Engineering, Sales/Telesales, and Training and Development are placed in two of the three position levels.

JobStreet said the objective of sharing to the public a list of the Top 10 Specializations with  great salary is to further help candidates and employees gauge if they are getting paid competitively while advising them of which jobs are generous in terms of compensation.

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