Renuzit Air Fresheners Makes Your Home Smell Fresh

Are you the type of woman who loves scented candles, oils and air freshers? I do! at home, I set-up 'devotion time' with lighted scented candles and enjoying a good flavored-tea. At the bedroom, scented oils sets a calm and relaxing atmosphere. In the bathroom, there's an air freshener gel I open every time I take a shower. You see, I love things that make a room smells fresh and clean so imagine my delight when I learned about a leading air-freshener brand in the US.

Renuzit, one of the leading selling adjustable solid gel air freshener in the US is now in the Philippines. The brand launched its new line of adjustable gel air fresheners at Le Jardin restaurant. The afternoon event was hosted by gorgeous Ms. Tessa Prieto-Valdes.

Renuzit is simply a gel air freshener or home scent. It features four fragrance collections which include 
  • Simply Refreshed (Fresh Lavender, After the Rain and Simply Vanilla scents)
  • Super Odor Killer (Citrus Sunburst and Original scents)
  • Fresh Picked (Raspberry scent)
  • Serenity (Relaxing Spa and Sapphire Waters scents). 

The event also taught us home design and decor tips from noted interior designer, Kat Villanueva in choosing the perfect scent to set the desired mood. 

We were asked to form a group, design part of a house and place the right Renuzit variant. Our theme is about Good Morning Sunshine, so we gathered some fresh fruits. I went to the buffet area and pick slices of bread. We chose Simply Refreshed Collection to match our "good morning sunshine" theme.

Renuzit comes in a stylish, recyclable, and adjustable ’cone-shaped' packaging, Renuzit solid gel air fresheners are also biodegradable and made of 97% natural ingredients. SRP Php l09.75.

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I personally like the Renuzit Simply Refreshed Collection. I even placed the 'Fresh Lavender' inside my closet. Have you tried Renuzit? What's your favorite variant? 


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