Understanding Radiesse and Volume Lifting

"Forever young, I want to be forever young" remember that song by Alphaville? I've always want to have a long life but as I grow old with my renewed Christian life, I've understand the true meaning of life and forever. Don't worry, this post is not to discuss my religious beliefs. I would like to share what I recently learned about defying age and youthful look

Held at Makati Shangri-La, the team of Merz Asia Pacific presented to the media a long-term collagen stimulator called Radiesse.

Understanding Radiesse and Volume Lifting

Radiesse, brought by Merz Aesthetics is the filler use for natural results and youthful look. The gel-like component in Radiesse blends with the natural collagen of the face and adds volume, triggering an instant natural effect producing long-term results. The team promises "no more wrinkles and lines, only firm and supple skin".

Before I write this story, I read reviews of bloggers who personally tried and tested fillers such as Radiesse. The procedure includes, cleansing and disinfecting the area to be injected with fillers (example is the nose, chin, cheeks), application of topical anesthesia and injection of fillers. They were very happy with the outcome. The photos showed meeting the desired outcome.

Radiesse Promises Three Results

The first effect is an immediate correction called Volume Lifting, Second is Skin Rejuvenation by stimulation of collagen within your skin to give you long lasting results. Third is Versatile Filling, the longevity of the filler however, like all fillers, depend on the volume injected. 

Understanding Radiesse and Volume Lifting

How much is the procedure? Well, depending on the amount of fillers needed. Patient will go to the usual screening just like any medical procedure.

With the latest innovation, breakthrough in Science, experts were trying to manipulate aging process. I think making the right choices in life, (the food we eat, activities we engage, staying fit and healthy) it's possible to slow aging process. What are your thought about it? What can you say about Radiesse?


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