Acer Released Smartphones For Young Professionals

My lifestyle is definitely different from yours. So as my needs and wants. I'm glad Acer understand these needs and continues to offer gadgets that suites our everyday life whether at home, at play or work. In a recent event I attended, Acer Philippines featured  #AcerProfessionalSeries designed for young professionals.

Toni Gonzaga for Acer
Toni Gonzaga for Acer
Acer launched a new line of Acer smartphones - the Acer Liquid X2, Acer Liquid Z630, Acer Liquid Z530 and Acer Liquid Z330. These devices are said to be efficient, powerful and most of all, budget-friendly smartphones.
Running on 1.3GHz octa-core to ensure smooth and seamless processing, Acer Liquid X2 is definitely a powerhouse to watch out for. In addition, it comes with Triple SIM support. Liquid X2 comes with 13MP of Rear and front camera. It's best for people who loves posting OOTDs.

Acer Smartphones Designed For Young Professionals

Acer Liquid Z630 is powerful in terms of battery life that can last up 10 hours of talk time. Designed to pace with the challenging projects in the office. 

Liquid Z630 boasts a 1.3 GHz quad-core. Research becomes a piece of cake as this LTE-ready smartphone provides a 5.5-inch (1280x720) high-definition screen.

Acer Liquid Z530 gives you 16-gb memory. The best smartphone for those who needs more space. Review your documents on Liquid Z530 without worrying about storage problems. Capture important information in meetings with its wide-angle 8-megapixel rear camera. 

Liquid Z530 supports shortcuts that let you access voice calling, cameras and music playbacks with just quick and simple swipe gestures. 

Acer Smartphones Designed For Young Professionals

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Lastly, Acer Liquid Z330 boasts IPS technology, wide viewing of photos and multimedia on its 4.5" display. Eye-strain from prolonged screen viewing is reduced by Liquid Z330’s Acer BluelightShield™ technology. Looking for the perfect music to listen to while commuting to work? Enjoy a fuller audio experience with its DTS Studio Sound™ technology. With a wider sound range, you’ll hear more details and clearer vocals when listening to music or watching videos.

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