Why You Should Get a Travel Insurance?

TRAVELING allows you to discover your strength and weaknesses. What's great with traveling is you got to experience a lot of "first times". My husband and I travel at least three times a year. You'll be surprise when you hear our crazy travel stories. There's one time I almost gave up because we can't get a hotel room in Hong Kong on a Chinese New Year, we ended up sleeping along the corridor of the hotel specially set-up for us. Of course they placed a curtain and two beds for us so we can sleep comfortably. The next day, we were transferred to our room. It was an advantage that husband speaks Chinese. Another one was running to catch our flight back in Manila, I tell you it happened several times. All these crazy travel experiences made us a better person. I learned to value time. I become more patient and understanding. Most of all, I appreciate my husband even more.

Five Things You Need To Do Before Traveling

There are hundred of ways to make traveling the best trip ever. Here's my Top 5 Things You Need To Do Before Traveling:

  • List down your FAVORITE ACTIVITIES available at the travel destination. Take note of those you haven't tried or a specific place you wanted to visit.
Read more as I share to you a lot of "first time" activities I had in my recent #PioneerAdventure trip in Kampo Trexo, Alfonso, Cavite.

  • Manage your cash flow
Traveling and shopping always come together. Oftentimes we get excited with all the things that surrounds us. I admit, I'm a bit shopaholic but thankful I always have my husband with me when traveling. He has been a good financial adviser. Over the years, I learned to manage my money without depriving myself.

Set a budget but have extra cash in case of emergency. Allot an amount for shopping and food. Bring credit card but limit expenses.

If possible, list down your daily expenses. Not only it provides you an idea how much you spent in a day but most importantly you would be reminded how much is left so you can purchase other things like a branded handbag.

  • Check Public Transportation or Transit Maps on the web
It won't take long to check on the transit maps online. It will save time, effort and money if you familiarized yourself with the mode of transportation. 

Better take free hotel shuttles or the nearest train going to your destination.
Avoid expensive airport taxis as possible.

For first time visitors need to know where to head over the nearest train station from the airport.

  • #BeWeatherWise 
Vacations are usually scheduled month before the date so we can't predict if there will be change in the weather. However, there's an app called Weather Philippines. Users can easily access the weather information and 5-day localized weather forecasts of your favorite travel destinations, and the beach.

  • Get travel insurance
    • Get insurance package that covers you for 30 days or more regardless of how many trips you take. Pioneer's Travel Buddy Adventure provides travel worry-free travel insurance product that comes with a 30-day coverage while traveling via land, water, or air despite the number of trips you take. Travel Buddy Adventure covers the expenses that may arise in case accidents happen while doing adventurous activities and hobbies.
    • Covers adventurous activities/hobbies like bungee jumping, white-water rafting, and etc.
    • Entitled up to a maximum benefit of Php 100,000

The #PioneerAdventure Challenge in Kampo Trexo

A week ago, I was invited for a secret adventure in Alfonso Cavite. I said secret because we were not told about the activities ahead of us. The trip sounds exciting and so I said yes. Saturday, our group braved the early morning traffic along EDSA and reached Kampo Trexo brunch time.

Red Team for #PioneerAdventure
I never thought there will be a lot of physical challenges. We were grouped into four, our red team composed of Earth, Jonas, FPJ, Enzo and me. The travel buddy adventure started with a cheering competition. Next, we have to finish rappelling, wall climbing and reach for the red flag on top of it in not more than twenty minutes. Each group who will not complete the task gets a minus points. It was my first time to do both, rappelling and wall climbing. Not to mention that I am not physically ready, lol. I can still remember the moment I almost go down and pass the challenges. I poured out all the self confidence I have and started to slide going down the wall. Such a fantastic experience indeed. Unfortunately, I did not make it to the top of the wall and reached for the red flag. My legs and arms are not that strong.




We move on to the next challenge, a ten minute run, climb and wall climb which ends passing the TightRope Walking. This time, we earned points.

Activities I've done for the first time:
Wall Climbing
Zip Line
Tightrope walking

Rappelling and zip line turned out to be my favorite activities. It was worth all the body pains I felt after the extreme activities. I realized how strong am I as a woman. Even if I'm on my 30's, it only proves that age is just a number. With team effort, we were able to finish the challenge 3rd place. It doesn't matter who wins or lose. What's important is the camaraderie. 


I also recommend to bring off lotion or insect repellent when traveling. Who knows, you might encounter Aegis aegypti, the insect responsible for Dengue disease. Better yet get the MediCash Dengue insurance at Pioneer insurance. An insured can claim P10,000 when diagnosed with Dengue. 

MediCash Dengue insurance

At first, I was frightened to do the challenges but knowing I am covered with Pioneer Insurance, the fear slowly went away. I was focused on my itinerary and enjoyed the activities. I'm glad Pioneer insurance offers services that are reliable and easy on the pocket travel and medical insurance just to name a few. You can also apply online through Insure Shop.

Pioneer Travel Adventure Buddy

What type of traveler are you? Are you adventurous? Do you have insurance or looking for one? 


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