#BatheWithLux: Lux Now In The Philippines

A familiar brand has made a come back, celebrated in a gorgeous, forest bloom shindig surrounded with black orchids. Valkyrie, Manila's top nightclub was turned to a magical flower garden with the scent of bold, elegant perfume. Just the other night, I went to the Lux Ball #BatheWithLux to welcome Lux in the Philippines. Yes, Lux is here for good, we don't have to ask our families in the US to send us Lux body wash and beauty bar soap. 

My husband was supposed to stay at the Brewery to finish tons of work but decided to accompany me and offered to be my personal photographer. I was happy and really appreciate his efforts. I wore Forever 21 floral above-the- knee dress he personally bought sometime last year at. It was one of his birthday gifts to me.

The House of Lux in Valkyrie
The House of Lux in Valkyrie

The Lux Ball
Lux Ball
These delicate and elegant decorative accents created a feel of blooming botanical. The stage of Valkyrie was turned into a lovely garden. 

Like other women, I'm also a fan of body wash, I can't wait to add the new Lux Magic Spell body wash to my bathe collection. World renown perfumer, Ms. Nicole Mancini graced the event. She taught us the basic chemistry of a perfume and how you can create a wonderful fragrance. 

There are three notes - top, mid and bottom. The top notes in a body wash is what you smell the moment you open the lid or bottle of the wash. It usually last about an hour or two after using. The scent moves to the heart of the fragrance (mid), a beautiful flora called the mid notes. This is what you smell after the shower. It's the same scent that leaves in the shower. The base/bottom/texture of the fragrance lasts after few hours of applying. 

It was fun mixing ingredients for every bottle of perfume. Adding more of the middle notes (heart) and not too much of the bottom notes. I was able to create a mild, sweet scent which I always love in a perfume.

Nicole Mancini, Perfumer with Apples Aberin
Nicole Mancini, Perfumer with Apples Aberin
The Ladies with Tim Yap
The Ladies with Tim Yap
Lux Philippines Ambassadors
Lux Philippines Ambassadors - Solenn Heussaff

with Kaye and Rochelle

Lux Magical Spell is crafted with the exotic scent of the Black Orchid. This body wash has a long-lasting perfume that lingers for up to eight hours. I'm now using Lux Magic Spell #BatheWithLux and liking the scent it leaves in my skin. I have yet to see if it also moisturizes my skin. Watch out for full review soon. 

Lux Magic Spell
Lux Magic Spell

Thank you House of Lux for having me. What do you think of the new Lux Magical Spell? Have you tried it?


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