Farm Tour: Captivating Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon

Rough road and heavy rain greeted us upon arrival in Manolo Fortrich. The tall trees, the pineapple plantation awaken my sleepy senses on our way to the organic farm. The 2-3 hours road trip from Laguindingan airport to Alomah's Place in Bukidnon was all worth it. Trees providing shade, fresh air kissing my skin telling me I'm at the other side of the country. 

Camping At Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon

I couldn't wait to find out what's in store for the next twenty-four hours. Camp tents, trees and nipa huts greeted us we walk towards a small meeting place and dining area of Alomah's Place Organic Farm. Immediately I noticed the aroma of fresh mint and tarragon leaves. Variety of plants both ornamental and edible truly refreshing to the sight. Our group was warmly welcomed inside the wooden house, cozy and simple with just the basic furniture. Nothing luxurious nor modern except for the small laptop the farmers use for briefing and presentation. They don't even have television only radio which is open until late night. Perhaps, one of the best lessons farm tour has taught me is living a simple life and appreciating the environment.

Mornings at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
beautiful clouds at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
In one corner, a buffet of green salad made of lettuce, carrots, cucumber and their home made tasty salad dressing awaits us. I was craving for coffee but there's none, only 3-in-1 tea of tarragonmint and stevia. For a change, I had healthy organic salad for meryenda and refreshing tarragon tea. It was definitely okay with me, I was ready for the much needed detox by the way. For four days, I went off the usual heavy flavored and high in sugar snacks of cake, coffee, cookies. Such a great experience.

Where to go in Bukidnon

Nowadays, farms are not just for farmers and their families. With the enactment of the new law, RA 10816 or the Farm Tourism Act authored by Cynthia Villar more and more people are exploring opportunities about farm tourism. 

Alomah's Place is quite far from the city. Serene and close to nature, this organic farm is perfect for retreats, a place to for meditation perhaps. Healthy and freshly harvested food, clean air, totally away from noise pollution, it's an ideal getaway to jumpstart a healthy lifestyle through detoxification or even yoga.

Garden Salad at Alomah's Place Bukidnon
Garden Salad at Alomah's Place Bukidnon
mangga and siniguelas
mangga and siniguelas
It was raining hard when we arrived at Alomah's Place so our scheduled farm tour was postponed and was set the next day. The owners, Mr. and Mrs Benjohn Mahistrado told inspiring stories on how they were able to acquire and turn this place into a haven.

Organic Herbs at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
Morning walk at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
Organic Herbs at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
Organic Herbs at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
Organic Herbs at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon
Expansive Organic Herbs at Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon

About Alomah's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon:

Alomah's Place is a 2 hectares organic farm started in 2008 and was made open to the public in 2014. Farmers Benjohn and wife, Grace shared how they acquired, maintained and turned this place into an agritourism destination in the Philippines. Alomah's Place is a huge farm growing only organic vegetables and fruits, with lettuce occupying half of the entire two hectares.

However, Alomah's Place is not just an ordinary organic farm. It's highly recommended tourist destination for company team-building, school activities such as Boy and Girl Scout of the Philippines, retreats, health and wellness purposes such as detoxification. But don't expect hotel style accommodations. There's no air conditioned rooms and I don't think guest would be needing one. But you're sure to get lots of nature treats from fresh air, organic food, less air and noise pollution and an enriching nature encounter. The nipa huts and tents that can accommodate foreign and local visitors.

Alomah's Place Organic Farm
camp tents at the second floor
camping tents can accommodate 2-3 pax
beautiful organic lettuce
bed of beautiful organic lettuce
variety of mint
variety of iceberg lettuce!
variety of iceberg lettuce!

We stayed at the TENT floor, not on the 10th but on the camping tent. I couldn't remember the last time I slept inside the tent so it was a wonderful experience. Opposite to my photos of city hotel staycations, with modern cityscape view in the morning or evening. Alomah's Place offers an expansive and lush green organic farm view.

yoga at Aloma's Place Bukidnon
exercise before the sunrise
Excited to see the sunrise of Bukidnon, I set my alarm to 4am woke up to chilly cold breeze greeted by snails along the pathway.

Alomah's Place grow high crop lettuce, several herbs, a lot and variety of peppermint leaves  (the most number I've visited so far), as well as parsley. When you visit, never leave Aloma's Place not trying their specially made salad dressing. I do not know how they make it but it taste really, really good. Best of all, they sell it to those who would like to bring home and share it to their loved ones (only P75/bottle and it would last up to four months on room temperature).

room and campmate Melody of GuiltlessGetaway
OABloggers Melody, Lou, Ruth and I
Overall, I enjoyed our camping at the organic farm with the magnificent view of sunrise and stargazing beside the fireplace. Camp tents are available for rent at P500. There's so much we can do even if we just stayed a day in the farm. I tried water rafting using bamboo balsa, horseback riding and of course, harvesting organic produce. You should include in your travel plans visiting one of the many organic farms in Northern Mindanao and other organic farms in the Philippines.

harvesting lettuce
bamboo water rafting
water rafting using bamboo or balsa at the farm with sir Benjohn Mahistrado
horseback riding in Aloma's Farm Manolo Fortrich
horseback riding in Aloma's Farm Manolo Fortrich
OABloggers with Agricultural Training Institute and Mr. Benjohn Mahistrado of Aloma's Place Organic Farm in Bukidnon

I truly enjoyed our glamping experience and healthy eats in Bukidnon. Special thanks to the Department of Agriculture, Agricultural Training Institute.

Alomah's Place
Dahilayan, Manolo Fortrich, Bukidnon
Contact No: 09088972466

ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Trunkline: (63-2) 9298541 to 49
Fax no. (63-2) 9209792


  1. Wow!! Kaysarap ng mangga at sinegwelas.. na miss ko tuloy kumain ng sinegwelas.. Sarap naman diyan madam, parang nasa peobinsiya ka lang.. sarap lumanghap ng sariwang hangin.


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