Five Ways To Be Great Today

Every day, I pray for guidance in making the right choices and decisions in life. I'm happy though there's nothing so serious and difficult situations I'm facing right now. However, in this life, we should always be ready for unexpected scenarios.

Ruth and I at Alomah's Farm in Bukidnon having our Great Taste Coffee White at 4am
#BloggerBaon: Ruth and I at Alomah's Farm in Bukidnon having our Great Taste Coffee White at 4am

Here are Five Ways To Choose To Be Great

1. This is a very inspiring message from Michelle Obama
" We learned about honesty and integrity - that the truth matters... that you don't take shortcuts or play by your own set of rules... and success doesn't count unless you earn it fair and square". 
This is very true and applies in today's society and lifestyle where a lot of people thinks they can easily get what they want. I cannot trade integrity and honesty over material things.

2. I choose to be great by not comparing myself with other people. As much as possible, I look at others' need. Complain less, appreciate more. Being grateful everyday even in small things.

3. I Choose To Be Great by giving and sharing blessings to others. 

4. I Choose To Be Great through serving others even in simple ways.

5. I Choose To Be Great doing good things others need not need to know.

Great Taste coffee recently launched a new campaign entitle "Choose To Be Great" with brand ambassador John Lloyd Cruz. Great Taste Coffee constantly introduce new and better ways to enjoy a cup of coffee. Variants As it continues to help bring out the greatness in every Filipino, Great Taste Coffee introduces a new endorser to join its journey of serving even greater experiences to its loyal consumers.

During the event, we were treated to an exclusive preview of Great Taste Coffee’s newest campaign featuring John Lloyd Cruz which I am pretty sure you've seen in the television. The new campaign captures the respect and admiration that he and the brand have for Pinoy’s greatnessI agree with John Lloyd and Great Taste Coffee, we can achieve greatness starting in small ways and triumphs to great milestones. Try the Great Taste coffee, it comes in different variants Great Taste White Coffee, Great Taste Coffee Granules among others.


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