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Maybe you're thinking of new beauty products to try. Perhaps scouting the latest skin care in the local market. Let's talk about another #WIDBeautyBox and three amazing beauty products. Who loves whitening products? Most Filipinas have lovely, fair skin complexion that many foreigners adore. Most of us in the family have fair to dark complexion. I'm totally fine and I love the skin I'm in so to be honest, I'm not really a fan of whitening products simply because almost all products I used did not deliver as promised. But I use whitening from time to time especially those infused with natural ingredients like pearl, rose and milk to brightens and soften my skin.

Weekend at Noah's Place Resort in San Mateo Rizal
Weekend at Noah's Place Resort in San Mateo Rizal
Last month, a couple of new amazing bath essentials arrived in the mail. It comes with new variants of Palmolive hair conditioner and Olay Skin Whitening bar soaps.

Bath Essentials:

Palmolive shampoo and conditioner is on top of my mind when I think of fragrant shampoo. I've used it since I was in high school. I bet you would agree that their hair care products are gorgeously smells good. Now that they level up their hair conditioner, it still makes my hair soft and bouncy. Infused with micro-moisturizers, Palmolive Cream Conditioner penetrates into hair making it eight times straighter. I think it doesn't literally means straighter hair. Like example, I have a naturally wavy and I've been using Palmolive Cream Conditioner for almost two weeks now, my hair still wavy but it's more shiny and always smells great. Let me know your Palmolive experience.

Looking for the #OneWashWonder? Olay recently launched their new line of Skin Whitening to address skin care needs including whitening. The new line of whitening soaps from Olay promises fair and radiant skin with continuous use. I like Olay, in fact I'm using Olay Miracle Boost Youth Essence and Olay Regenerist Moisturiser. Olay anti-aging products works well on my skin leaving it moisturize and younger-looking. Recently, I tried and tested Olay One Wash Wonder Whitening Soap with Rose and Milk. It comes in white cream bar with mild scent. Most whitening products I've used in the past renders a sticky feeling afterwards especially when outdoor so glad that Olay has not greasy after bath. I still have to observe if my skin will lighten with continuous use.

Olay Skin Whitening Bar is available in Rose & Milk, Vitamin C and Papaya. These are known effective whitening ingredients. Retails starting at P34 to less than P50/bar. Let me know what you think of the new Olay Skin Whitening Bar.

Physiogel Calming Relief

Going out and meeting new friends lessens stress brought about by work. I've always wanted to meet women from different walks of life - mom, entrepreneur, advocate, student. It feels great to hear and re-share stories of inspiring women so when I received an invitation to the first Beauty, Bizz, Bliss meet-up I immediately said yes and blocked my schedule. For the first time I met Martine of Make it Blissful, said hello again to Frances and hugged Ginger who I've met through my husband Jonel. We had a great time with other empowered women. Generous sponsors and friends gave us goodies to bring home and try, one of them is Physiogel. Well, I've been using Physiogel for years now. My husband and I uses the Physiogel Cleanser for our face. I see to it he uses only Physiogel because he's prone to acne and has really sensitive skin. While I experience occasional dry skin on the face, I also use Physiogel cream. At the Beauty, Biz, Bliss, I received a Phyisogel product I haven't tried even before, the Physiogel Calming Relief Face Cream. Sounds a relief to my dry, itchy skin and I'm not disappointed. Just like other Physiogel products, the Calming Relief cream provides immediate and long-lasting effect from dry, sensitive skin. I would apply it on my face at night after cleansing - wash, tone and moisturize with Physiogel Calming Relief.

There you go our bath and face beauty product featured of the week. Do you have products in mind wanted to be included in our WID Beauty Box? Get the latest from Woman In Digital in home, lifestyle, beauty and gadgets through Email Subscription here, Like our Facebook Page, Twitter @LivingMarjorney and Instagram


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