Joining the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Buddy Run

Let me take you to the wellness buddy run I attended a couple of weeks ago. It was my third time to join the Robinsons Supermarket Fit and Buddy Run. I was very excited when I received the invitation because I really wanted to run lately. There were two categories, the 5K and 10 kilometer run. Hubby and I signed up for the 5 kilometer.

Preparing for a run:

Whether it's a fun run or marathon that you're joining, it is important to be in your best state. It scares me the first time I joined a run so I did a thirty minutes exercise around the village. If possible, exercise should be done everyday to prevent muscle cramping on the day of run. I suggest not joining if not feeling well on the day itself. It is also important to get enough rest and nutrition by eating balanced meal.

10 kilometer run started at 5:30am followed by the 5k at 5:45am. We arrived at the venue very early so we had time checking each and every booth, Nescafe booth, Fitbar, Babyflow, Johnson & Johnson's, Pocarisweat, Vita coco and Anlene among others.

Robinsons Fit & Run with its annual Buddy Run promotes closeness and bonding to couples, families and friends running together. For me and my husband, it's a great bonding experience. I would like to share some photos at of the recent Robinsons Buddy Run. Enjoy!


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