Bohol After Earthquake

Panglao beach on posters are stunning and breathtaking so I told myself, one day I will go there to personally experience Panglao. We booked our flight few months after the major earthquake in Bohol which destroyed many historical landmarks and heritage tours in Bohol like such as the famous Loboc church. When we arrived, we saw ongoing reconstruction.

Bohol after Earthquake
Look Back: Where We Spend our First Year Wedding Anniversary

Our Bohol trip was to celebrate our first year anniversary. At the airport, we met friendly Filipino tourist guides in Tagbilaran. Since we don't have prior booking to any hotel, we thought it's better to avail of their cheap Bohol tour packages. We met Jonald of Naldix Bohol Tour packages. Jonald fetched us at the airport, from there we enjoyed day tour in Bohol tourist spots. We passed by old churches damaged by the recent earthquake and typhoon, few roads under construction yet most tourist attractions are now open.

Bohol Old Church Alburquerque Church
Above and below photo: Alburquerque Church

Did you know that there's a place in New York called Alburquerque? I learned about it when I was taking the NCLEX or US state board for nurses. So here I am in Alburquerque in the Philippines!

Bohol Alburquerque Church

The Loboc Church
Loboc Church February 2014 after a major earthquake
We also passed by Xzootic Animal Park in Loay, Bohol and met python Melia. I was scared to hold her.

The largest python, Melia

The Blood Compact Shrine was actually our first destination. There's an overlooking view of Panglao beach, it was beautiful. 

Bohol's Blood Compact Shrine
Bohol's Blood Compact Shrine
On our way to Loboc, we passed by Bohol's Man-made Mahogany Forest, it's a 2 kilometer stretch of densely planted with Mahogany trees.

Man-made forest Bohol 2014
Man-made forest Bohol 2014
Our last stop was the famous Chocolate Hills. The famous Bohol landmark is know in front of my face. We climbed a long stairs, quite exhausting but definitely worth the effort and time. When you visit Bohol, you should not miss Chocolate Hills and really they look like small chocolates surrounded with trees.

Bohol Chocolate Hills 2014
Bohol Chocolate Hills 2014

Tagbilaran airport 2014
Tagbilaran airport 2014
Since then, I've been to Bohol twice. The second was upon the invitation of Air Asia and Henann Resort Bohol.

We've discovered a lot of things including tantrums and attitude towards dealing with stress. Traveling allow us to build a stronger relationship foundation. Every time the airplane would take off, we're holding hands and kiss each other. 


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