Set a Relaxing Weekend Mood with Favori Scents

The pastor's message last weekend was very touching and moving. It was about listening to Jesus' call and every time He would speak to us. As a young believer, thinking how God speaks to His people still amazed me. Even if He touched me in so many ways, saving me from sins turning me into white as snow, I still can't believe how He changed my life. It was amazing!

Set a Relaxing Weekend Mood with Favori Scents
After a busy day at work, I try to create a relaxing atmosphere in the comfort of my home. Stress outside is so powerful it could drain me easily so as much as possible I wanted  to set the mood, creating a relaxing and nurturing environment. Then there are difficult people you would encounter each day. My husband repeatedly telling me they are not to be worried about because I have no control over them only to myself and my well-being. How do you handle stress?

Last week, a beautiful gift box arrived in the mail box. The gift was sent few days after my birthday. I was delighted. It was left in my working table for a few days because I wanted to open it along with other birthday gifts when I am ready - rested and having my me-time. It took me a while but every night I would look at it while lying on my bed. Finally last Thursday, I found precious time to open the gift boxes. Wrapped in a lovely light floral paper are mini bottles of Favori Scents complete with Scent Machine, Favori leaf aerator in purple. I've been wanting to get one but I was hesitant, thinking if it would really create an aromatic scent in my room. I've been using scented candles for a long time though.

Favori is a French word meaning "favorite" thus Favori scents aims to provide and "Create Your Favorite Feeling" using their line of oils. Angel Aquino, a movie and TV actress, host, and mother of two beautiful girls is the brand ambassador of Favori Scents. She juggles numerous roles on a daily basis and shares her secret having a balanced schedule at work, home, and doing her passion. Her famously calm demeanor and relaxed attitude make her the perfect brand ambassador for FAVORI, a proudly Filipino-owned company that specializes in creating handcrafted aromas for living well.

Aromatherapy Oils Favori Scents
Favori Scents (10ml at P150)
A lovely purple Favori Leaf aerator (Php 1,800) complete with four Aroma oils (Php 150 for 10ml) were sent to me. I started using the peppermint oil which provides a relaxing scent. The pink grapefruit attracts balance for well being. The other two are the Verveine Fleur creates a stabilizing atmosphere and ginger flower describe as passionate. Guess what's my favorite? The ginger flower and verveine fleur. Each bottles comes in 10 ml.

3 Easy Steps on how to use Favori Scents and Aerator
This weekend, create a relaxing mood with Favori Scents.

1. Set up the aerator machine. Filled with water, not exceeding the maximum level.
2. Add few drops of Favori oil. You have to tap it a bit. I usually put four drops.
3. Cover the machine and turn it on. Enjoy the scent as well as the whirling of water. I love how the color changes from purple, blue and light pink, it's very relaxing.

The Best Time to Use Favori Scents:

My regular yoga at home became more rejuvenating with Favori scent surrounding the room. At night, when hubby and I watched a movie, I also turn on the machine and put a few drops of Favori ginger flower, the oil creates a passionate atmosphereWe both love the scent. Some people recommend it because it cleans the air, removing nasty odor. It's also best placed in the living room and the kitchen.

I like Aerator's color-changing display and LED illumination (not just 1 but 6 LED lights). It has a negative ion generator and increases air humidity. The machine is also ideal for air-conditioned environment. It's built with ultrasonic atomization to improve quality of air. They said it removes dust and smoke and reduces indoor pollution as it deodorizes. Best of all, it's easy to use and economical. It's silent so you would easily fall into sleep.

Aroma oils for home

Price of Favori oils starts at Php150 while the Aerator at Php 1,800 depending on the type and design. For more information on FAVORI products, FOLLOW @favoriscents in Instagram, @favori.scents on Facebook and VISIT their website at www.FAVORI.Ph

Whether you're in for a romantic, rejuvenating, relaxing, or simply wanting some quite time to read a book or meditate, there are Favori scents to set your mood. Thank you Favori for introducing to us, women Favori scents. Now we can create a wonderful feeling with these Favori oils. I will definitely check out other scents in any of your stores in Robinson’s Place Manila, SM Megamall, SM City Marikina, SM Southmall and Market! Market!


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