Affordable Medicine at Generika Drugstore

I learned the value of hard work and saving at an early age. At home, we have this 'accounting' day once a month to discuss finances and allot specific amount for food, bills, travel, and emergencies including medicine and health-care services needed.

Affordable Medicine at Generika Drugstore
Two years ago, I was operated for peritonitis or the infection of the abdominal walls including the large intestines. You can read more about my experience from admission, surgery to recovery on my previous post here. I could say 60% of our expenses went to medicine because I had three types of antibiotics, a strong pain reliever, intravenous fluids etc. At home, I had to continue with oral medication with branded medicine that are really expensive. Of course, we have the right to choose between generic versus branded medicine. Hubby took care of my medicine. He was in charge of going to the drug store for my medication then. He also buy the same brand I started when I was still at the hospital.

There's nothing wrong with generic drugs just make sure it come from legitimate drugstores. Generika for instance has been in the market for several years. With hundreds of stores around the country, I feel more confident buying medicine from them. In addition, Generika offers unique services such as the Gamot Guide which is given along with the receipt. It's one of my favorite services from Generika, as a non-practicing nurse myself, I know how important to inform patients about the medicine. Reinforcement is important especially for older patients and those who are not so familiar with drugs. That's the role of pharmacist, to explain the medicine patients purchase.

Generika also offers MedPalada, the easiest way to send medicine to our loved ones. A family member abroad can simply purchase an electronic gift card which can be used to purchase medicine at any Generika drugstore nationwide.

I learned about these services during Generika event held a couple of weeks ago. The brand celebrated another milestone as they partner with Ayala Corporation. In this partnership, it will help in lowering prices of pharmaceutical products through the establishment of wider network of drugstore nationwide. It will also help develop a more state-of-the-art health care facilities.

At the event, we were able to purchase medicine with only Php200 through its mock-up pharmacy. Any guess what I bought? For Php200, I got ten tablets of Luteine (Php120/ten tablets) with beta-carotene plus capsule, a food supplement for eyes; twenty tablets of paracetamol (Php1/tablet) and thirty tablets of vitamin B complex (Php2/tablet).

With cheap but quality pharmaceutical products available at Generika drugstore, we need not worry about our drug maintenance. You can check out their website for services and other information at


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