Bioessence Biolite Whitening Review

If there's one thing I learned from beauty blogging is the proper way to cleanse the face. Back then, I was afraid to use toner until I realized it should be part of beauty regimen. I just have to find the right facial toner for my skin.

A couple of weeks ago, I started using the whitening line from Bioessence called Biolite. The skin care brand recently launched four (4) skin care products that caters to different skin types and age. For treating breakouts, the Acnetrol line of products are recommended for people with active lifestyles. For me and the ladies in their 30s and 40s you may want to try Bioessence's Preventage and Biolite line. The last but not the least is the Dermage line that's best for people who needs an anti-aging properties.

Bioessence Biolite Whitening Review

I picked the Bioessence Biolite line to brighten and lighten my skin. Each item comes in a simple, plain brown box packaging with label. Inside the box is a blue, plastic bottle so it's easy to carry where ever you are.

Anyway, Let me start with Biolite Face Cleanser. It comes in slightly thick, white gel without scent. Just a few pumps and you're okay to clean the entire face. This face cleanser moisturizes my skin and do not leave a tight-feeling after wash. But I still suggest, removing makeup with the regular makeup remover especially for stubborn waterproof mascara.

Moving on with Biolite gel toner. The consistency is almost like the face cleanser but it has a very mild scent. Just a few pumps and you get the amount needed to glide on your face. I also find it cold and refreshing on the face.

Biolite facial cream whitening with Vitamin C
Biolite facial cream whitening with Vitamin C
I like that Bioessence has come up with a complete line for different skin types. I prefer using toner, facial wash, and cream of the same brand. You would notice the effect in just a couple of weeks. In case of skin rashes and breakouts, you don't have to guess which product is the culprit.

Bioessence Biolite Whitening Review

Biolite facial cream is non-greasy so it's okay to apply during summer days. The Biolite series is infused with Vitamin C that helps lighten and brighten the skin. Don't forget to apply sunscreen especially when going out.

I've used Bioessence Biolite whitening series for about three weeks and I'm happy with the result. Have you tried any of the Bioessence skin care line? What's your favorite? What's the best whitening product you've tried so far?


  1. i just uses biolite toner whitening cream and biolite sun protection after my clarifying facial with maxipeel i used the said products which is so far feels so good.


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