Tips on How to Take Care of Your Genital Area

Today let's talk about that lady part down below. This topic may sounds a bit uncomfortable for others to discuss primarily because female genital area is something personal. Do you stick to one brand of feminine wash for a longer period of time? Are you a kind of woman who likes trying frequently change feminine wash?

In one of my chit chat with a close friend during  one of our organic farm tours, we also discussed about some natural products to cleanse genital area which could be available in the market. I learned a lot in our casual talk. Someone from the group shared the benefits of not using any kind of feminine wash because it kills the normal bacteria found in the genitalia. Personally, I'm not fond of changing feminine wash. I've been a loyal user of a popular fem wash brand for a long time. But I thought of trying another brand which was given to me from a relative in Japan right after abdominal surgery. I also remembered using Betadine feminine wash then since I had a urinary catheter when I was in the operating room. To be honest, I was afraid to use the regular Betadine wash because of its dark color, lol. However, Betadine as a general, remains to be my number one anti-septic especially in treating wounds.

Daily Feminine Wash: Betadine Fresh Bliss

This beauty arrived in the mail a couple of days ago. The basket comes with a purple towel, a slipper, loofah and two sexy bottles of Betadine Fresh Bliss Feminine wash. 

Daily Feminine Wash: Betadine Fresh Bliss

Back to Betadine Fresh Bliss Feminine wash, it has a mild floral scent I like. It's infused with anti-itch avena oats, gentle defense lactic acid creating advanced proclean science for mild cleansing and protection. Best of all, it's paraben-free. I just wish it's more thicker in consistency. Overall, I like this Betadine Fresh Bliss Daily Feminine Wash. It leaves a fresh and clean feeling after every wash. 

Betadine Fresh Bliss is available in two variants - Pink Paradise and Lavender Dreams. They are available in Watsons and other leading drugstore and supermarket.

Caring for Your Genital Area

For me, the best feminine wash are those made with natural ingredients. Warm water is the best cleanser down below. Ladies, always check the label if there are harmful ingredients. Avoid products with scent and alcohol that may causes dryness and possible itchiness. Another way to keep your vagina comfortable is wearing cotton underwear and avoiding too tight shorts and jeans. It is also best to eat healthy and exercise.

What are your thoughts about feminine wash? Do you have recommended natural feminine wash that you would like to share with us? Write it down at the comment section, I'm thrilled whenever someone leaves a comment. :)


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