10 Surprising Things You'll Find in Daiso Japan

There are days we just want to go out, walk and look for interesting things somewhere. This is what exactly I am feeling right now. I wanted to go to the mall and look for cute items like tea and coffee filters. I switched from using the regular coffee machine and find joy preparing pour over coffee. Today, I was hoping I could visit Daiso Japan for some coffee filters and decorating tapes for the holidays. Anyhow, here are top 10 surprisingly items you never thought would be available at Daiso. Check them out!

Surprisingly Top 10 Things You'll Find in Daiso Japan

1. Coffee or Tea Filters

Daiso-Coffee or Tea Filters
photo credits: Daiso Japan

I like taking my time having breakfast, not rushing to finish the first and most important meal of the day. It gives me time to think and prepare for the day. Watching the coffee passed through the filter down to my beautiful Italian cup is simple happiness.

2. Decorating Tapes


I'm a fan of anything handcrafted from simple notebooks, purse, fan etc. They are just too pretty to keep and use from time to time. This holiday season, why don't you try making handcrafted products for the loved ones. You can start by doing Christmas or holiday greeting cards. There are nice and cheap pens and decorating tapes available at Daiso Japan.

3. Fun glasses

Daiso-Japan-Party-Needs (photo from Daiso Japan)
Also perfect for any kind of occasion are pretty fun glasses. Daiso have oversized party fun glasses. Wear them, give your guests as well and take a silly pictures. Just for fun!

4. Phone cases

Daiso have these cute and stylish phone cases. It comes in trendy kawaii designs that perfectly reflect your personality. What's great is that they are affordable, you can have more than one.

5. Matte Finish Topcoat

I just had my gel nail polish from Hairfix Salon in Makati. It's super smooth and shiny. Next time I will try a matte finish. Perhaps, I will get Matte Finish Topcoat from Daiso. Similar brands sell if for P300 but I can get one at a cheaper price at Daiso. It prolongs the nail color and gives a matte effect on painted nails.

6. Clear Shoe Boxes

Do you have limited space at home and cannot accommodate a shoe cabinet? At Daiso, they have these clear shoe boxes. I think I need to get some for hubby. With clear shoe boxes, it will save time from looking for a particular shoe.

7. Wooden toys

I personally don't like giving plastic toys for the kids because most of them are dangerous for the little one's health. Most plastic toys are made of toxic materials. I'm glad Daiso offers wooden toys at cheaper price. These 3D wooden toys are an engaging way to improve your child's motor skills. Now you know where to get your Christmas gifts for the chikiting! :)

8. Car Interior Wipes

Car interior wipes available at Daiso come in handy for wiping ketchup splatters, liquid spills and even tobacco stains. Every family with kids should have car interior wipes ready in their car.

9. Tube Squeezer

Hiding somewhere in the home section is the small but powerful tube squeezer. This simple-looking contraption squeezes the life out of an empty toothpaste tube for a few squirts more. Don't throw that tube yet.

10. Disposable diaper for pets

Do you have pets at home but hate or don't have time cleaning their mess? Get some disposable diaper for your sweet pets. These diapers comes in different sizes.

Daiso Japan has 55 stores nationwide. I usually do my shopping at Daiso in Trinoma mall, it's located inside True Value. Robinsons Retail Holdings Inc. holds the exclusive sub-license to sell authentic Daiso merchandise from Japan and operates the legitimate Daiso Japan store concept in the Philippines.

Surprisingly Top 10 Things You'll Find in Daiso Japan

Read on my holiday shopping at Daiso Japan

Enjoy shopping in Daiso!


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