St. Ives Even & Bright Natural Exfoliant Review

Exfoliating helps in removing dead skin that may cause acne and dull-looking skin. It also brightens our skin by removing old dead cells. Exfoliating helps prevent accumulation of oil that may cause pores to inflamed and later on become acne or pimple. While there are several exfoliating products, we must be careful to use only gentle exfoliating. There are several ways, you can visit a dermatologist or skin care clinic, DYI exfoliating at home using natural products available at home or you can buy over the counter or in the pharmacy. I've tried a couple of exfoliating products but one of my favorites is St. Ives Natural Exfoliant available at Watsons.

St. Ives Even & Bright Natural Exfoliant Review

The best exfoliating product for me is the St. Ives facial scrub. 

St. Ives Even & Bright is a drugstore product known to be effective in removing sebum, white and black heads. I bought St. Eves Even & Bright, Pink Lemon & Mandarin Orange Scrub that helps brightens and lightens the skin. It polishes away little imperfections for radiant skin.

St. Ives Natural Exfoliant available at Watsons.

I like that even makeup and skin care products are now made of natural and gentle ingredients. Just like the food we eat, mostly organic (as much as possible) I would like to use products made with natural ingredients,100% hypo-allergenic and best of all, paraben-free.

The mandarin orange with vitamin C is known for its lightening properties while lemon has toning properties. It also whitens the skin. I can find it in St. Eve Even & Bright Facial Scrub.


St. Ives does not make my skin dry and tight. I love the feeling every after wash. How I wish I could use it everyday, morning and night but as a facial scrub are recommended to use twice or three times a week. I have a problem remembering when was the last time I apply a facial scrub, so I scheduled it MWF before going to bed.

St. Ives Natural Exfoliant available at Watsons.

How to Use St. Ives Natural Exfoliate:
Moisten the face with water. Apply a small amount and gently massage all over the face except the eye area.

Price: P205
Available at Watsons, other leading beauty stores and supermarkets.


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