Ariel Honors 100 Fearless Filipinas at the Wash Your Fears Summit

Are you a prisoner of fear and stains of the past? I was once like you until I decided to surrender all my fears and disappointments in life. That's when I discovered the better part of me.

Procter & Gamble's Ariel, one of the world's leading detergent, honors 100 Fearless Filipinas during the first Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit held at the Shooting Gallery in Makati.
Ariel's 100 Fearless Filipinas campaign aims to recognize fearless women who continues to pursue their passion.

During the Wash Your Fears Summit, keynote speakers shared their experiences and insights towards achieving life goals. I met women from different walks of life - a beauty queen, an environmental and children's advocate, a popular celebrity, moms and wives.

I am truly honored to be included in the 100 Fearless Filipinas, your "Fearless Lifestyle Blogger".

Ariel Honors 100 Fearless Filipinas at the Wash Your Fears Summit


10 fearless Filipina women known for their advocacy and efforts in reaching out to Filipino families were invited.

1. Marilou Chua, fearless beauty queen and advocate for children's education
2. Miriam Quiambao, fearless beauty queen
3. Amina Rasul, fearless advocate for peace and development
4. Anna Kapunan, fearless advocate for health and environment
5. Samira Gutoc-Tomawis, fearless journalist
6. Mandy dela Rama, fearless entrepreneur
7. Mons Romulo, fearless lifestyle columnist
8. Aimee Carandang Gloria, fearless female Pilot
9. Badgie Guerrero-Trinidad, fearless founder of the Cravings Group
10. Ms. Emmeline Verzosa, Executive Director of the Philippine Commission on Women (PCW)
11. Maria Clara Ignacio, Chief of the Women's Center -TESDA

Last but not the least is Ariel brand ambassador herself Ms. Kris Aquino. The event was hosted by Ms. Bianca Gonzalez-Intal.


Discrimination causes us stains. Sometimes it sticks like a stain to the innermost of our lives. I love reading inspirational and devotional books and reflect on my everyday life. It helps me understand situations and people around with the scripture as my guide.

At Ariel Wash Your Fears Summit, it was refreshing to hear new insights from the speakers as well as the audience and participants. There are stories that look the same, only different in scenarios. Hearing people's stories gives hope that you are not alone.

Ariel-Wash-Your-Fears-Summit-with-Marilou Chua
Ariel-Wash-Your-Fears-Summit-with-Marilou Chua
Marilou Chua shared her experience with children in the depressed area. She said these children have no dreams, they even lose hope. But even if these children starting to lose hope, we can bring it back, slowly perhaps. By showing them that we care, share some of our blessings through feeding. Instill values and give hope amidst the difficulties, hunger and struggles.

Mandy dela Rama, the fearless entrepreneur said "We can do the best we can. As women we are capable of everything. We just need to conquer our fear."

video: fearless beauty queenMiriam Quiambao

Another inspiring messages shared by our fearless beauty queen, Miriam Quiambao. She said
"there's one God that is always there to catch me. He could wash away my fears and I want to share that God is there. Direct them to God to complete them."

Anna Kapunan shared simple ways to help save our environment. First is to reduce garbage. Reduce food and clothing. All of us have the power to do that.

with fellow bloggers Frances, Levy, mommy Phepot and baby Marius

We can also start creating an advocacy for the environment like planting a tree, visiting a farm, promoting farm tourism and supporting local products. In our little ways, we can influence others to do or participate.

Ariel removes 100 Stains in 1 Wash: Powder Detergent & Ariel Power Gel

I've been using Ariel powder detergent for years, I must say it works very well in removing almost all types of stains including makeup, coffee and oil splashing when cooking. True, it's quite expensive compared to other brands. But I realized it's cost-effective because there's no need to add more detergent to clean dirty clothes. When I tried Ariel Power Gel, I was even more amazed. I love how it leaves the fabric soft and smells great. The new power gel addresses major stain problems with its ultra-concentrated gel, so there's no need to pour more. With its new formulation that has higher level of active ingredients, Ariel Power Gel has the power to remove 100 stains in 1 wash. It gives us more time for other important things like bonding with family, studying, or catching up work deadlines.

It is a privileged to be one of the 100 Fearless Filipinas. Thank you Ariel Philippines for empowering women, washing all our fears to help us achieve our dreams and goals in life.


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