Farm Tour: Perfect Family Staycation at Terra Verde Ecofarm

"If you want safe food, visit your farmers and talk to them."  - Erick Atanacio

Located in Maragondon Cavite, about two to three hours from Makati is a beautiful ecofarm that promises a wonderful time of relaxation while indulging with some tasty, healthy, organic food. Terra Verde Farm widely opened its doors during our first visit a couple of weeks ago. Farm owners and siblings Eric and Emerson Atanacio and their lovely wives walked us to their cozy dining place made of wood and nipa. Waiting for us were refreshingly cold glass of lemongrass.

Our mini vacation started with a sumptuous meal, the boodle fight. OABloggers had our fill of chicken adobo, salted egg, fried fish, sliced tomatoes and onion with grilled eggplant - all organic!


In an cozy veranda, each of us found a perfect spot to rest after a long trip. The lush green grass, tall trees, a pond with tilapia - simple things that we often take for granted.  Perhaps, one of the reasons why it always excites me to visit farms in the Philippines. We wanted to reconnect with nature through temporary signing off from the busy, modern technology.

refreshing, organic Lemongrass
The weather in Terra Verde was humid but as the day comes to close, the temperature goes down I have to wear my sweater.

My home in Terra Verde is very simple buy homey. There are five CuBins (short for Kubo Cabins). The first door has three beds and can accommodate about five persons. It has an LCD television and air-conditioning unit. I slept in the fourth cubin with Jen and Millet. Did I mentioned that we had more time for fellowship with fellow bloggers? Indeed, Jen, Millet and I had a wonderful time together - sisterly bonding. 

Terra Verde accepts guests upon reservation only. Aside from the cubins, the farm could set up tents to accommodate big groups. Toilet and bath are located outside the cubins. Just a few steps away.

When you visit, never miss sitting in front of the bonfire watching the stars. I regret missing this once-in-a-while opportunities. It was raining that evening and we had to sleep early since we're moving to another farm the next day.

I woke up to this beautiful morning breeze. The cold weather is what I'm missing right now as I write this post. Tilapias were dancing like praising God for another day.

We had a chance to walk around the farm amidst the drizzling rain. So we took the farm's It's More Fun In The Philippines jeepney. Organic crops are located a bit far from where the Cubins (short for kubo cabins) are. It gave me an idea how huge Terra Verde ecofarm is, 15 hectares I think.

Family will always be the priority. Terra Verde wants their guests to maintain quality time with our loved ones. The farm is very spacious, you would love to see your kids running and rolling over the green grass. Parents can take their sweet time together reminiscing over tarragon tea, banana-que or palitaw.

oh hi Deer!
Emerson Atanacio, owner of Terra Verde farm
no makeup look at Terra Verde farm
Terra Verde was born some years ago when Emerson was diagnosed with thyroid problem triggered by stress. The doctors could not completely diagnosed the illness but he was prescribed to go farming, an effective and therapeutic activity for the busy people. Atanacio family looked for a lot where they could build the farm and found it on "buy and sell" section of a local newspaper. The original plan then was just to produce safe food for the family. Then they thought about crops and add goats, duck, to bengala, baboy ramo (wild boar), deer and ostrich to fill the farm. Later on they envisioned Terra Verde will be a relaxing and healthy retreat for the whole family where healthy food, pesticide free vegetables and antibiotic-free poultry and meat are served.

Until today, Terra Verde remains a family vacation. However, in the previous years, during special occasions, the family invites extended family members as well. But on top of that, Emerson and Eric share the blessing by giving gifts outside the farm especially to the kids.

Their journey to living a healthy life is very simple - plant, water, harvest and enjoy.

 This journey provided opportunities to meet other farmers. Unfortunately, they also met farmers who grew crops other than the natural way, using pesticides. They found it in ampalaya (bitter gourd). From then on, Terra Verde grown their own chicken, without antibiotics and hormones.

Eric and Emerson Atanacio advocates organic farming. They wanted to spread the news about the benefits of growing our own food in the backyard. If not then have time to visit the farmers and talk to them. "If you want safe food, go visit your farmers & talk to them."  says Eric Atanacio.

OABloggers with owners of Terra Verde Ecofarm, Eric and Emerson Atancio and their wives
Terra Verde Ecofarm
Km. 89, Alfonso-Maragondon Road, 
Pantihan 2, Maragondon 4112

Special thanks to Agricultural Training Institute. Want to know more about agriculture, visit their website here

Agricultural Training Institute Central Office
ATI Building, Elliptical Road, Diliman
Quezon City 1100 Philippines
Trunkline: (63-2) 9298541 to 49
Fax no. (63-2) 9209792

Closing this post reminding my readers who are now into juicing (a healthy and more effective way to consume vegetable and fruit enzymes, juice and fiber) to check the food they buy in the market. If possible, visit the farmers and talk to them. Juicing is good just make sure it has no pesticide. Our role as #OABlogger is to spread organic agriculture awareness and it's great benefits. Organic food is not only for the elite or the rich, it's for everyone.

Jeremiah 2:7 "I brought you into the fruitful land, to eat its fruit and its good things; But you came and defiled My land, And My inheritance you made an abomination."


  1. I also miss the cool weather (and food, and beautiful views, etc.) at Terra Verde! :)

  2. May entrance fee po ba bago makapasok?

    1. There might be a minimal fee. This farm offers day tour and overnight stay, best to inquire at their FB Page for the rates and packages. Hope this helps. :)


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