How to Design and Create Your Dream Space at Home

I can still remember when we were still preparing for our house. Will we rent or get our own? Will we get a condominium or a house? These, aside from the nitty-gritty matters of choosing the proper home appliances down to the color of the curtains and lighting fixture. All of these we discussed. Believe us, we’ve been through this more than three years ago.

How to Design and Create Your Dream Space at Home

Allow me to share what's keeping me busy lately. De-cluttering has been my priority before the holidays. Guess what? You can't find any Christmas decor at Uy's residence until now and it makes me go crazy. I admit being so obsessive-compulsive when it comes to cleanliness and orderliness at home. I'm still fixing the house putting up the decors until something arrived in the mail. It came in a beautiful packaging like a wedding present, I must say. To my excitement, I opened it and surprised to see a huge light bulb. Mind you, it's not an ordinary bulb because it's modern and minimalist.


MoodBoard Manila is a space planning and design consultancy firm who can help us create our dream space even if we have a small one.

"Designing spaces, whether it be a home or an office, is a topic that has become a bit too aspirational for most people." shares Joy Rabelas, MoodBoard's founder and Chief Design officer.
MoodBoard Manila's design principle can be summed up in two words - no rules. This means adhering to your personal choice.


Minimalist but quirky elements such as this light bulb I placed on an old lampshade I bought in Luna, La Union some years ago. My friends noticed this photo I posted on ig and they were like "I want it", "where did you get it".

At the moment, the bulb served as a simple Christmas light in one corner of our house while I still preparing the space for my tree. Hopefully I can put it up this week.


MoodBoard Manila is a full-service space planning and design firm that specializes in creating beautiful and functional living, working and events spaces in a manner that is simple and without delay. In case you're not into home interior or interior designing, you may contact them at or follow @MoodBoardManila 


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