5 Best Christmas Gift Ideas You Can Find at Daiso Philippines

19 Days before Christmas, are you done with the list? Here are 5 best Christmas gift ideas I found on my recent trip at Daiso Japan. Sometimes it could be hard to find the perfect present for someone, the rule of thumb is to give items that suits their personality. That way, you know he will surely love and use it.

Here are my top 5 Christmas presents at Daiso Philippines. These are not only cute but useful items from baking, makeup products down to your tech needs.

1. Baking set

Most of my friends enjoy cooking and baking. At Daiso Japan's Foodie section you'll find kitchen tools, baking equipment and cooking accessories. Give them these cute baking set products with pot holder, baking dish or cake pan, timer or clock and molder. You can also give them a portable hand mixers, biscuit-shaped stamp sets, cute cookie cutters, and colorful spatulas and cutlery sets.

2. Cord Wrapping

For my cousins I'm giving them gadget accessories and cord organizers in cute animal sapes. Browse through Daiso’s Tech-Savvy shelves for quirky contraptions which nicely complement most gadgets. Best buys include trendy earphones and earplugs, earphone cases, and a USB LED lamp that can be plugged in a laptop. 

3. Craft Punchers

For my artsy-crafty friends I would give them cute and colorful craft punchers. 

4. Cosmetic Pouches and Pretty makeup kit

Daiso has a wide variety of cosmetics, beauty implements and hair accessories offered under Daiso Japan’s Beautyholics display. There are make-up brushes in different sizes and tips, false eyelashes which can be stored in an eyelash case can also be bought at the store, trendy nail top coats in glossy and matte finish are also available, leather pouches and an assortment of cosmetics – from mascara and blush pots to eye shadow palettes and lipsticks. 

5. Nail Top Coats

Most nail top coats are expensive. It ranges from P200 and up but at Daiso you can get them at P88. It comes in three types - matte top coat, glossy and quick dry. I'm also getting the three for myself.

Daiso Philippines products starts at P88. Even with limited budget, you'll find something for the whole family or to your office team. Follow them on Facebook at @DaisoJapanPH and @daisophilippines on Instagram


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