5 Quick Selfie Tips For Chinese New Year

Kung Hei Fat Choi! Happy Chinese New Year! Where are you going to celebrate and welcome the Year of the Fire Rooster? Whether you're going out with friends or just staying at home, you can still share beautiful photos as you celebrate first day of the Lunar New Year.

Here are five quick selfie tips for Chinese New Year

1. Find your perfect angle. Before heading out to the Chinese New Year festivities, find the angle that suits you best by practicing at home. Avoid take selfies from below—definitely not a good angle for anybody.

2. Consider your photo’s background, avoided crowded areas. Vivo V5 Plus features a true ‘bokeh’ effect, beautifully blurring your selfie’s background while your face remains in focus. Now, having a ‘bokeh’ effect does not mean disregarding your background altogether. In fact, it is even better to take advantage of it.

3. Lighting is everything. Lighting affects the mood of your pictures. For example, dull or poor lighting makes pictures look gloomy—and you don’t want that for a Chinese New Year selfie. Luckily, Vivo V5 Plus features a selfie soft light, which enables users to take sharp and beautiful selfies even in poor lighting conditions.

4. Look your best. Welcome the Chinese New Year with a bang by making an effort to look good. In order to achieve a perfect selfie, everything must be on point—the hair, the face, even the attire. Achieve the perfect look with Vivo V5 Plus face beauty mode 6.0, which will make you look fresh by enhancing your skin tone without the need for editing or filter.

5. Make your selfie unique. Some people prefer selfies that look formal and sophisticated, while others like a touch of goofiness every now and then. Whatever your choice is, make sure you are comfortable and having fun. Make your selfie your own, and begin the year of the Red Fire Rooster by being yourself!

For beginners, it might be difficult to take selfies. I also took lots of selfies before I finally found the perfect angle for me. Aside from it's fun to take photos of yourself for personal use, it could also help in promoting your brand or blog. I also suggest investing with the right camera or smartphone that's equipped with the latest technology. Vivo V5 Plus promises to take selfie to the highest level. You may visit vivoglobal.ph, or check out their Facebook 


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