Fashion | Meet the Members of Club Penshoppe

Remember ClubPen in 1986? The vision of Penshoppe was to be the the teens’ casual clothing statement through its modern, casual, sporty get-up and always carrying the Penshoppe image - “youthful and fun" apparels.

Meet the Members of Club Penshoppe

Fast forward to more than ten years, Penshoppe reintroduces Club Penshoppe composing of millennials, celebrity, and young models. Club Penshoppe is composed of dynamic young members from Penshoppe’s various global markets, Club Penshoppe aims to celebrate the youth’s power to inspire others, wherever in the world they may be.

Meet the Members of Club Penshoppe

Meet the Members of Club Penshoppe

Seven fresh faces represent the group in the Philippines, where they’re collectively referred to as #ClubPenshoppePH. They paint a picture of the Filipino youth, a group that continues to triumph over hurdles to become a celebration of acceptance, diversity, and individuality.

“#ClubPenshoppePH is made up of individuals who have overcome challenges to make a name for his or her own self,” shares Jeff Bascon, Brand Director of Penshoppe. “They are shaped by their diverse backgrounds, personal experiences, and inspiring stories, and it shows in their unique styles.” 
“They’re also noticeably multiracial because the Filipino youth is no longer bound to the long-standing typecasts—that we should be of a certain shade and have a certain set of characteristics. Our youth is global and that’s something we all should be proud of,” adds Bascon.

Club Penshoppe is composed of PBB heartthrob Tanner Mata and international model Tyler Mata, Spanish model Emilio Francisco Perez, young actresses Loisa Andalio (known as Goldie in Wanstapanataym) and Sofia Andres, Brazilian model and former Teen PBB housemate Maria Fabiana, and Hashtag member and actor Ronnie Alonte.

Founded in 1986, Penshoppe is a homegrown fashion brand that has become a much-loved destination for casual clothes in other parts of the world. Its clothes, with its bright colors and dynamic designs, are known for reflecting the bold and adventurous lifestyle of Filipino youth through the years.
“Each member of #ClubPenshoppePH is more than just a pretty face. They all have a story that everyone can relate to, will inspire everyone to go for their dreams and see the good in others. We can’t wait for everyone to get to know them better,” Bascon says.
Meet the Members of Club Penshoppe

Club Penshoppe is a global initiative to find new faces that will inspire Penshoppe’s local markets to see their youth in a different light. It kicks off in the Philippines with #ClubPenshoppePH. Do you know someone who are fit to be one of the members of Club Penshoppe? Share your thoughts.


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