Club Balai Isabel Adds Aqua Park Floating Island

I've always love Batangas for its cool weather and delicious kapeng barako. My in-laws live in Lipa City so we would visit them once in a while. However, I never got a chance to explore the city. I have plans of going around Lipa and nearby towns and been wanting to do a sort of cafe hopping to find the best tasting kapeng barako in Batangas

My trip to Club Balai Isabel in Talisay was more than just a cup of kapeng Barako.

Infinity pool overlooking Taal Lake and volcano
Infinity pool overlooking Taal Lake and volcano

How I almost missed the trip to Club Balai Isabel

I thought I would not make it on time. It was Friday, booking a Grab and Uber was quite challenging and the traffic was really bad. I was late and sharing a ride made it even more impossible to arrive on time. I gave up, apologized to the group and told that I cannot make it anymore. What happened next was unbelievable? My shared Uber passenger suddenly go down. Maybe, it was meant to be that I would be spending one weekend in Talisay

It only took us two hours going Talisay. We arrived in Club Balai just in time for lunch at Terraza Restaurant.

Club Balai Isabel

Club Balai Isabel Review
with mommy and food blogger Joy of GastronomyByJoy

Terraza Cafe: Open-air restaurant with a view of Taal Lake and volcano

I don't mind dining in an open-air facility if there's a magnificent view such as the Taal lake and volcano or a perfect landscape of infinity pool.

The buffet spread composed mostly of famous Filipino food and desserts. But the star of the buffet was fried tawilis, a freshwater fish that can only be found in the Philippines, at Taal Lake to be more specific. There were afritada and pork binagoongan as well. Dessert composed of palitaw and sliced fruits. I forgot about kapeng barako and tsokolate Ah because I was mind planning of the things I would like to do.

Laurel Lakefront Suite with Attic:

We stayed in a villa with attic at Laurel Lakefront Suite. There were two bedrooms which can accommodate three people in each rooms. The living room has two (2) day beds, an LCD television with cable, refrigerator, kettle, microwave oven, dining table and kitchen. From the veranda, during the day we have the view of Taal lake and volcano; at night the moon and stars.

The boys occupied the second floor. My friend Aylin and I shared the queen-sized bed. Paul occupied the extra bed. Joy and her family stayed right next to our room.

Laurel Lakefront Suite with Attic
shot from the attic

The Attic at Club Balai Isabel
The attic can accommodate six person. There's a bathroom as well.

Laurel Villa at Club Balai Isabel
Laurel Lakefront Villa at Club Balai Isabel
Here's a view from veranda.

We waited for the sun to go down and toured around Club Balai. Amidst the modern accommodation and facilities, Club Balai Isabel remains true to its mission of preserving the natural beauty of the land. The resort is surrounded with lush greens, variety of trees and flower plants. 

Amenities and facilities You Should Visit at Club Balai Isabel

With over 20 function halls, 5 restaurants, gift shops and cafeteria, 3 large swimming pools, hotels and condotels that suits every guests need and budget.

  • 17th century Parish Church Ruins
  • Mabuhay lounge and Tipanan
  • Spousal of Mary & Joseph Chapel
  • Terraza Pool & Clubhouse
  • Spa and Wellness Center
  • Basketball, Volleyball and Tennis courts
  • Lakehore volleyball
  • Children's playground
  • Terazza restaurant
  • Balai Gift Shop
  • Kumintang Convenience Store

What to do in Club Balai Isabel:

Day trip would not be enough to experience the entire Club Balai Isabel. I highly recommend getting a room and staying at least one day. Balai Isabel offers variety of water and outdoor activities. From banana boat to kayaking. If you're willing to spend extra, you may want to rent a speed boat or jetski.

Club Balai Water Sports and Rates: 
  • Banana Boat Php 350/head for 15 minutes
  • Kayak Php150 to Php300 per hour
  • Jetski Php2,500 to Php4,000
  • Fly Fish Php500/head
  • Paddle Boat Php500/hour
  • Speed Boat Php6,000/hour

Club Balai Isabel Adds Aqua Park Floating Island

Taal Trekking is also one of the activities being offering at Club Balai. Rates starts at Php 3,500 which includes a boat ride, tour guide, bottle water and buri hats. At Taal, guest can do horseback riding as well.

Apart from the usual water sports and Taal trekking, Club Balai Isabel opens the biggest floating playground in the Philippines - the Aqua Park. I am one of the few guests who were invited to personally experience the floating playground before it opens to the public on April 29. 

Club Balai Isabel's Aqua Park Inflatable Floats

I do not know how to swim and I'm afraid of the water but I always love going to the beach or lounging by the pool. On the other hand, my husband is opposite of me. He would jump, dive and play in the water. A swimming pool has been a requirement for us when booking a hotel.

I was afraid to try the Aqua Park but with these amazing people around, I tried it. It was fun and exciting even just walking and running on inflatable floats and trampoline. The adventurous tried the giant slide, some of us were just contented in small activities. Over all, our group enjoyed the Aqua Park under the extreme heat of the sun, at 12 noon to be exact.

Photos were taken using the Cherry Mobile Action Camera.

Summer Adventure at Aqua Park Club Balai Isabel
Summer Adventure at Aqua Park Club Balai Isabel

The Giant Slide at Club Balai Isabel
The Giant Slide at Club Balai Isabel

Aylin and I have been friends for almost 7 years. She was part of my wedding entourage. Oh hello Paul!

Enjoying the giant floating tube. Thanks Jinkee for this shot! 

The Aqua Park at Club Balai Isabel officially opens to the public on Saturday, April 29. Use of facility fee is Php 450 for one hour but I suggest to avail one of the Day Tour packages that includes one hour access to Aqua Park:

Club Balai Isabel Day Tour Rates with access to Aqua Park
  • Package 1: Php 1,850 per head that includes morning and afternoon snacks, lunch, entrance and use of facilities and one hour access to Aqua Park.
  • Package 2 for only Php 990 per head and includes entrance and use of facilities. Without meals but you can still dine at the restaurant and pay for the food. Includes one hour access to Aqua Park. 
  • Package 3 is Php1,600 per head and includes morning and afternoon snacks and lunch. Entrance and use of facilities.
The Aqua Park in Batangas will stay in Club Balai Isabel so there's no need to pack your bags and hurry. Better yet start planning your summer adventure in Club Balai and make sure to reserve a room for the whole family.

Safety Tips in Using the Aqua Park Floating Island

  • Always wear a life vest.
  • Refrain from using the aqua park if you have any injuries even minor injuries.
  • Wear aqua shoes or nothing. I removed my slipper and it feels more comfortable walking on the floating island.
  • Wear proper swimming outfit.
  • Wear sunblock.
  • It's better to have someone with you, like a buddy system.
  • Kids should be with parents.
  • Don't forget to bring waterproof camera or underwater camera to document your experience.
  • Bring bottled water, you'll sure to get thirsty after the activities.

How to go to Club Balai Isabel
From Manila take SLEX and head to Tanauan Exit going Talisay Batangas. It's near Talisay city hall.

Club Balai Isabel
Banga, Talisay, Batangas
Telephone nos: 043-728-0307 / 02 584-4068 

The best view of Taal volcano and lake
Hello there, Taal volcano!

WATCH how I fell after posing for a photo, lol!

I can say that it’s luxurious living within reach. You can hit off to this weekend getaway with your loved ones setting a specific budget or splurge a little. Alternatively, you can drop everything at work, re-connect with nature and find peace and quiet in your “alone time,” to recharge your spirit. I promise to be back at Club Balai Isabel, next time with the love of my life.


  1. Lovely post! :) Tagal na nating mag-Bff. :) See you soon. Love you!

  2. Wow! Super ganda pala dyan. Perfect place para makapag relax ay makapag bonding ang buong family. Dami pang activities na pwede maenjoy. And the foods, yummy! 😋

  3. Grabe ang ganda ganda jan ms marj..hope someday makapunta din kami ng family ko jan..the price is reasonable naman po ang ganda ganda kasi talaga..thank you ms marj for sharing this to us..muahhh

  4. Grabe ang ganda ganda jan ms marj..hope someday makapunta din kami ng family ko jan..the price is reasonable naman po ang ganda ganda kasi talaga..thank you ms marj for sharing this to us..muahhh

  5. ang ganda naman dito sana makapunta din..Eto pala yung sa Magandang Buhay Show nila Melay ang daming ganap and diff activities :)

  6. Few years ago a friend invited us too for a stay sa Mataas n Kahoy sila nakatira in Batangas and grabe nakailang kape ako doon ang sarap..Nagtake out pako😄

  7. Ohh ang ganda ng place. Sana one day makatuntong din aking mga paa dyan.


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