How to Add More Color to your Plate

Take a look at your plate. Is it plain, mostly white? They say, the more colorful your plate, the better and healthier. Eating variety of colorful food everyday is vital for optimal nutrition.

Colorful Salad at Sonrisa Farm
Colorful Salad at Sonrisa Farm

It was only a couple of years ago when I learned to love vegetables and fruits. Before, I could only sing "Bahay Kubo" and tell you about fruits and vegetables. But the truth is, I only eat a few of them, mostly the ones I regularly see in the table. When I became part of the OA Blogger that was when I realized how delicious organic and naturally grown food are. It was through traveling that I was able to discover the flavors of food. I am blessed to visit different parts of the country and tour to various  organic farms and hear inspiring stories from our dear farmers.

It's been six years when I started my journey towards a healthier lifestyle. I will lie if I will tell you I don't indulge in too much sweet or oily food anymore. It's very difficult for a sweet tooth like me. It's hard but when it becomes a habit, it won't be difficult anymore.

I came from a family with various diseases mostly with cancer. My grandparents died of lung and bone cancers. Recently, another relative passed away after bravely battling colon cancer in four years. Not only cancer, some have lifestyle diseases such as hypertension, lung problems emphysema and diabetes. I'm not saying the cancer is caused by the food they ate but it's scientifically true how nutrition plays a vital role in our overall well-being including the development of cancer cells.

I also believe that genes and heredity is another predisposing factor to the development of cancer and also other lifestyle diseases. In one of the seminars I attended, a doctor/speaker said that cancer cells even develop during pregnancy and could be caused by stress.

Breakfast ideas to whip up in 30 minutes
Simple but healthy breakfast at Terra Verde Farm

Suggestions on how to Add More Color to your Plate

  1. Do your grocery and prepare your own food at home. 
  2. Start by adding one type of vegetable until such time that you're more familiar with the flavors of fruits and vegetables.
  3. Too busy and working? Find time to prepare food in advance. Cook by batch and keep in clean glass or high-grade plastic containers; refrigerate or freeze and take it out when you need a fill.
  4. Add 1 to 2 types of fruits in every meal. Skip the soda & other flavored juices and choose fruits instead when eating in a cafeteria. Always have fruits in your meal.
  5. Half of your plate should include colorful vegetables and fruits.

Today, I work hard on preparing nutritious and organic food for me and my family. Although, we are not 100% into organic since because it's hard to source especially meat and dairy products at least I'm trying my best to choose only organic. I am grateful for agencies and brands like the Agriculture Training Institute (click the link and learn more about organic farming) who supports and provides training to our farmers; brands like Bounty Fresh for producing organic and cage-free eggs, as well as fresh chicken.

Lastly, I choose the right hue with colorful food everyday. How about you, what's your favorite color?


  1. oh! healthy foods... true yung sinasabi nila na hindi lang dapat maganda sa paningin yung mga pagkain dapat healthy rin.. :)

  2. Agree Catherine, food should look appealing, taste great & must have the nutrients we need. :)


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