Tech This Week: Vivo Stonewall Security Features + EPSON's Feature-Packed Projectors

I cannot imagine life without smartphone. I mean more than just taking photos or engaging in social media. The device has been of great help from paying the bills, transferring funds, online shopping, communication and a lot more. But how about its security features?

Vivo Prides Itself for Innovations in Stonewall Security Features

A lot of modern smartphones are adopting biometric security features in an effort to gather more users and patrons to support their brand. Vivo is no different and has pushed the envelope when it comes to innovation. Just recently at the Consumer Electronics Show or CES 2018, dubbed as the global stage for innovation, in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, Vivo took the spotlight as it introduced the world-first under-display fingerprint scanner in its smartphone. This ultra-modern technology simply registers a user’s uniquely patterned epidermis, and just like in futuristic movies, the screen would weave a pattern of blue light and the phone is instantly accessed.
Vivo’s new innovation, the world’s first under – display fingerprint scanner

Vivo’s smartphone security features are just as impressive and cutting-edge. The Face ID feature of Vivo is less complex than other smartphone brands’ security specs, merely using its 24MP camera for facial recognition. But this facial recognition security feature is not to be underestimated as it works remarkably well.

Vivo face access technology quickly detects up more than 100 different facial identification points, more than enough for one to say that we truly now live in the future. The feature checks the depth or the user’s facial features which provides for a more precise, more effectual security access.           

Vivo’s Face ID Access

Lastly, Vivo smartphones also employ the good old fingerprint scanner under its hood, located at the back just within a convenient reach of the index finger. This feature which works well and fast and maybe activated alongside the Face ID feature.

With its stonewall security, Vivo smartphones are not only efficient and affordable but are also revolutionary and innovative. Vivo cares about its users, pushing the brand to constantly innovate and improve user experience. Vivo maintains seven research and development centers and continuously improves their products.

For inquiries about Vivo, visit the Vivo website at or check out their page.

Epson Unveils Affordable Feature-Packed High-Brightness Projectors for Offices and Classrooms

EPSON celebrates another milestone with the achievement of world's number one in projectors for 16 consecutive years. Epson unveiled a series of feature-packed projectors for businesses and schools at affordable price points.

At the Projection Conference & Showcase, “Together, We Bring Imagination to Life”, held at the Shangri-La at the Fort, Epson Philippines Visual Imaging Product Manager Lyn Lizarondo pointed out how projector usage has expanded over the years, with Epson delivering innovations adapted to the fast-changing needs of multiple segments.
This showcase highlights how Epson led innovations in visual imaging technologies even beyond the boardroom. In the past few years, we have seen how projectors have become indispensable in the home, schools, and even in big venues and the outdoors. Even as Epson took big steps in various sectors, we have continued to improve on the usage of projectors for businesses and in classrooms, by adding on features that are not available in the market at these price points.”
The new Epson projectors are equipped with an impressive 3,3000 to 3,600 lumens, delivering both white and colour brightness in the same high levels. This feature is important to ensure better visibility even in bright environment, like in offices or in classrooms.

Resolutions range from SVGA, XGA, WXGA, WUXGA and wide ranging connectivity- HDMI/VGA/LAN that provides convenient and hassle-free projections. EB-U42 even comes additional with 2 HDMI ports, with one of it MHL-enabled – ideal for greater digital compatibility.

Wireless transmission enables the users to enjoy enhanced connectivity and flexibility with either EB-U42’s built-in wireless module or Epson’s ELPAP10 wireless LAN adaptor. This enables end-users to easily share and transmit images, texts and files from smart devices like mobile phones, tablets and laptops.

Split screen features allow two separate image sources to be projected on a single screen, eliminating the need for a second projector.

Multi-PC projection moderator function allows connecting to up to 50 devices.

Screen mirroring allows users to wirelessly mirror their android smart devices to the projector without the need of cables or installing any application.

Auto Power On projection starts automatically when a signal is received from a computer or smart device even if the projector is on standby. It saves the need to turn on the power button or use the remote control.

Since 2015, Epson’s visual imaging development has remained focused on multi-sectoral usage and innovating in anticipation of evolving functions of projectors as an ubiquitous digital imaging device for business, education or lifestyle requirements.

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