Beauty This Week: Symply G Shampoo/Conditioner + Liese Blauné DIY Hair Dye

My natural wavy hair badly needs hair treatment and trim, but I'm still thinking what hairstyle to follow in 2018. The last quarter of 2017 was quite fast and busy. I never had the chance to say hello to my friendly stylist yet I'm grateful for PR friends and brands for sending products to try at home.

Symply G Shampoo/Conditioner in Bottles
Now available in 200ml bottle for only Php83

Symply Gorgeous Shampoo & Conditioner Now in a Bottle! 

Symply Gorgeous (Symply G) has new look!

It was in September when I first tried Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner. I even did a short video? Don't forget to subscribe to Woman In Digital in YouTube.

Well, after several months of using Symply G, I must say my hair is more manageable. I like how it softens and strengthens my hair.

Symply G Shampoo/Conditioner with Pump

Symply G shampoo has Keratin, a protein which protects and strengthens hair from heat and pollution - frequent use blower or iron.

Symply G Conditioner has Argan Oil which works on softening and making our crowning glory smooth even smells great. I used to buy Argan Oil in small bottles. I'm glad I found it in every sachet of Symply G (Php6 per sachet). 

I also find it hard to get an authentic Argan Oil in the market. Besides it's not cheap. With Symply G Conditioner with Argan Oil, hair treatment is a lot more  convenient.

Symply G Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner are available in Puregold branches, Mercury Drugstores, San Roque Supermarkets, and at sari-sari stores near you.

Best Keratin Treatment

Symply G shampoo and conditioner are now available in 200ml bottles for only Php83. It's more cheaper and affordable compared to other leading brands. The packaging is pretty, easy-to-hold so it won't easily slip in your hands. It also comes with a pump so you get just the right amount every use.

Liese Blauné DIY Creamy Foam Color

I noticed gray hair even before I reached my 30s. Perhaps it's hereditary or genetics. There are times, I want to color my hair but not all the time. I also want to do it myself. For the first time, I did my hair color at home. I never thought it could be easy and fast, thanks to Liese Blauné Color Cream.

Say goodbye to grey hair with Liese Blauné Cream Color. Grey hair gone in 30 minutes. I received two shades - Bronze Brown and Black Brown. I chose the latter because my hair still has the light brown shade, it will make the hair color more vibrant and shiny. I kept the Black Brown and I'm thinking of dyeing hair at home again, soon.

Liese Blauné DIY Hair Dye

The packaging comes with everything you need in dying your hair - disposable gloves, disposable bottle for mixing the dye, a pump that will make the solution foamy and after-treatment.

Liese Blauné DIY Hair Dye

How to apply Liese Blauné Cream Color

1. Prepare mixture just before using and make sure to apply on your hair immediately. Do not add the rinse-off treatment into the mixture. Do not shake the mixture, just invert the bottle back and forth to prevent for producing bubbles.
2. Dispense foam with your gloved hands.
3. Apply foam to the entire head. Make sure your hair is dry.
4. Leave the foam on your hair for about 20 minutes and then rinse with shampoo. Apply the rinse-off treatment included in the packaging.

Here's the result after using Liese Blauné Cream Color. My hair is also smooth and shiny.

Liese Blauné Cream Color is available in Lazada at Php449. You can find Liese Blauné at Watsons, Metro Department Store, PCX Store, Robinsons Supermarket, Pioneer Supermarket and at The Landmark Department Store.

I hope you'll find our "Beauty This Week" helpful. May your crowning glory more gorgeous. :)


  1. Nice hair color Ms Marj..gusto ko din i try i need to cover my gray hair😂

    1. They have other colors. Ang dali lang gawin, Hersley. :)

  2. This is really helpful Ms. Marj, para dun sa mga mommy na gusto makatipid at di na kelangan magpa salon pwedeng pwede na itong Liese hehe kaya ng kulayan ang sariling hair. 😊

  3. yes! natry ko rin siya ang daming laman nung sachet nila, sulit na saulit.. maganda rin siya sa buhok.. :)

    1. Agree! Kung shory hair parang pwedeng pang two persons na. Pero I suggest for 1 lang para fully coverer ang hair. :)

  4. Love your hair color Ms. Marj bagayo sayo 😊

  5. Thank you ladies! It was fun mag hair color on your own. It needs more practice lang medyo nagmadali ako excited to see the result kaya di masyadong nag brown ang hair color. :)

  6. Maganda nga daw ang Argan Oil Ms Marj ,good thing meron na siya .Nakikita ko etong brand sa fb pero akala ko mahal�� Mura lang pala ��
    Salamat sa pagshare Ms Marj�� Ganda din ng hair color at easy to apply. Matagal ko na gusto mag hair color ulit kaso di ako pwde magtagal sa salon at may bf baby ako na nag aantay ��

  7. Pwde eto kay mother 🙂 ung mga gray hair nya meron na e.

  8. Im using the SimpSimply G keratin conditionconditioner so lambot sa hair. ,

  9. Ay ang galing gusto ko din po itong itry kaso baka hindi magpantay ang kulay 😂


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