Instagram-Worthy Spots at Villa Milagros Mansion & Garden

During my recent trip to Montalban, I discovered a place perfect for modern or vintage-inspired wedding theme

Villa Milagros Mansion and Garden

I always tell my husband how I love to have a 1960s or vintage wedding theme for our 25th anniversary, 20 years from now. We actually did a 1960s prenuptial shoot theme at Pico De Loro, the wedding ceremony though was red and gold motif in time for Chinese New Year. More photos from our brilliant photographer, Larry Leong and Imagination here.

Until now, I have this thing for vintage. I love timeless and classic pieces. I enjoy watching old films.

Instagram-Worthy Spots at Villa Milagros

I used to live in San Mateo Rizal but never got to explore the northern most town, Montalban. It was only a few days ago when I heard about the Liamzon mansion in Rizal.

Known as Villa Milagros, the ancestral house of the Liamzon family of Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) was built 1969. A hidden gem located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains where air is fresh and the ambiance, relaxing.

Today, Villa Milagros emerges as one of most gorgeous wedding destinations close to Metro Manila. The mansion had some renovation but most of its structure were kept and restored to its timeless look. Its classic and elegant interior design provides a picture-perfect spot for weddings or engagement shoots.

Here are some of my favorite spots at Villa Milagros Mansion and Garden taken using my Pentax Q-S1 camera.

Villa Milagros Mansion and Garden
Lush green and a beautiful fountain from the main entrance.

Villa Milagros Mansion and Garden
Timeless and elegant, a spotless white mansion.

Villa Milagros Mansion and Garden
A pathway where guests could enjoy a leisure walk or tour around the mansion. It will also lead you to Cristina's garden and see the back facade of the mansion.

Villa Milagros Garden
The entrance to the main house

Villa Milagros White House
A grand staircase and vintage chandelier
The mansion has two gardens. In this photo I'm facing Delia's Garden. Each garden has its own terrace, tiled areas that can also serve as an extension to your garden venue. Delia's Garden can host up to 200 guests while Cristina's can fit up to 130.

Villa Milagros White House
Here's a dramatic pose at the balcony

On your right is the Cristina's Garden, Delia's on your left. 

Elegant table setup prepared by The Banquets by VS&F

The Banquets by VS&F
Modern Spanish-Italian Menu

The Banquets by VS&F
Food was prepared at the balcony c/o The Banquets by VS&F
Aside from the gardens and the grand staircase, there's another Instagram-worthy spot inside Villa Milagros mansion. This old spiral wooden staircase leading to the attic shouldn't be miss. Imagine if I'm wearing a long white wedding gown here. How about, scatter some flower petals on the floor all the way to the attic for a romantic wedding proposal ideas.

The Attic at Villa Milagros Mansion Montalban
Spiral Staircase leading to the attic
Two outdoor gardens are perfect for alfresco garden wedding ceremony or any kind of celebrations - Delia and Cristina's Garden.

The North Wing is newly built to accommodate a much bigger number of guests. It has two function rooms and outside is the Sanse's Garden which can also be used as a cocktail, buffet, or wedding ceremony area.

Villa Milagros Mansion Montalban
View from the attic
A 5-hour event venue rates starts at Php55,000 up to Php125,000 depending on which part of the mansion and the number of guests. Here's a sample rates but may also vary so I suggest you also contact Villa Milagros for more information:

Villa Milagros Venue Rates

The North Wing - 150-250 pax - Php125,000
Delia's Garden can accommodate up to 300 guests for Php95,000
Cristina's Garden 80-130 pax for Php85,000
The Liamzon Hall can fit 20-40 pax for Php55,000

For more information, check their page here.


Aside from the gardens and dining rooms, the Liamzon mansion offers four modern-classic bedrooms. Guests can also rent these suites and have their wedding preps and makeup done. All rooms are named after the children. All rooms have beds, air-conditioner, and private bathroom.

Are you looking for a garden wedding venue or prenup wedding shoot? I hope you will check out these Instagram-worthy wedding spots at Villa Milagros Mansion.


  1. Ang ganda dito Ms. Marj. Dream para sakin ang makapag photoshoot dito. 😃

  2. Hi Nichelle! Agree ang ganda and near lang naman sya from QC. :)

  3. Prang gusto ko ulit ikasal😊 ang ganda lalo na ung spiral wooden staircase ang ganda mag- aura na naka weeding gown😍

  4. ang ganda! makikitang talagang inalagaan yung lugar... super.. tas nakakarelax din yung paligid.. :)

  5. Looking at this, makes me want to get wed again or kahit pre-nup nalang kasi wala kami non dati hahaha


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