Barley, Kale, and Matcha Green Tea in Real Green Supplement Powder

Most diseases nowadays are due to lack of the needed nutrients in our body such as fiber, folate, calcium, and magnesium.

Real Green Supplement Powder
People who know me knows how much I love coffee. Although I don't see anything wrong with coffee, in fact, it has nutrients called anti-oxidant but too much caffeine is not right for our body. Recently, I decided to get myself a roasted malt barley with chicory and rye to replace my usual coffee. I still drink my favorite coffee but only once a day. I will tell you more about Kaffree in a separate post.

Today, what I am excited to share is a powdered drink that's not only rich with barley but also with kale and matcha green tea. First of all, let me share some important benefits of barley, kale, and matcha wheat grass.

Benefits of Barley 

  • High source in fiber which aids in digestion and keeps our intestines healthy.
  • Some research tells that Barley helps regulate blood sugar level.
  • The phosphorous in Barley protects our bones.
  • Barley has calcium.

While there are many forms of barley, the green powder which is the powder form of barley grass is said to have a lot of medicinal benefits.

Kale for swamp cabbage of kangkong is another vegetable we rarely served during meals. Kale is quite expensive but it's delicious and very nutritious. I tried kale chips in one of my trips in organic farms served with salad dressing made from honey. So good!

Here are some healthy goodness you can get from Kale:

Kale is low in calorie and high in fiber.
Kale is rich in other vitamins such as folate and magnesium.

While Matcha is rich in catechins, a potent antioxidant green tea is good for digestion too. Matcha green tea helps burn fats.

Real Green Supplement Powder from Japan

I was sent some boxes of Real Green Supplement Powder few days back. Real Green is an imported product made from Japan, manufactured for Beauty Plus 81 Inc. and now available in the country. Each box comes with 20 sachets (4grams/sachet).

I tried Real Green Supplement Powder over ice and it was refreshing. Of course, you would taste the green tea and some tangy flavor perhaps because of barley. You may opt to add half teaspoon of organic honey which I did. I am also planning to add Real Green to my smoothie.

Real Green Supplement Powder is recommended to consume immediately once mixed with water. One sachet a day in either hot or cold water. I love that it comes in thin and small sachets which you can bring to work, school, or when traveling.

I prefer taking Real Green Supplement Powder from Japan after cardio workout or yoga at home. The ingredients in every Real Green sachet provides additional nutrients my body needs everyday. You may get Real Green Supplement Powder at all Watsons and selected supermarkets.


  1. i want to try that too :) actually hindi po talaga ako mahilig sa mga tea kasi ngapo ang pait hehehe. pero I would love try that too for me to know what will be the result :)thanks po for sharing!

  2. A must try.. How much it cost in watsons madam?? Thanks!


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