Tech This Week: Vivo AI-Powered Super HDR, Epson Solutions & Technology Guided Tour

Vivo takes HDR to a new level with a dynamic range of 14 EV that adapts to complex lighting.

Vivo AI-Powered Super HDR

Vivo announced its cutting-edge, AI-powered Super HDR at a media event in China. Vivo is taking mobile photography to new heights with Super HDR’s auto scene detection to produce clearer photos, better colors, more details and better tones.

Super HDR follows the same principles as regular HDR but merges more frames to resolve the problems presented by contrasting strong dark and light tones in a photo. Super HDR captures more frames and intelligently merges them to cater to more extreme lighting scenarios.

Great Frames Great Flexibility
Super HDR’s dynamic range can reach up to 14 EV (Exposure Value). With just a single press of the shutter, Super HDR will capture up to 12 frames which provides more image options for merging to perfectly light all the parts of the eventual photo.

Optimized Details Under Extreme Light
Super HDR adapts to different scenes and their dynamic range characteristics, selecting and merging frames to best render the image’s highlights and shadow details. Super HDR then optimizes shadows to ensure the complex photo’s highlights and shadows are balanced and natural.

Get Easy Yet Perfect People Shots
Regular HDR might sacrifice lighting for the person in focus for a better lit photo, but Super HDR ensures the person is clear and well-lit. Super HDR employs smart scene detection to balance the lighting of the person and the background to create a natural feel.

Advanced AI Improves Photos at All Stages
The Super HDR leverages complex AI algorithms adapt to different scenarios. The moment the shutter is pressed, the AI will detect the scene to determine the ideal exposure strategy and accordingly select the frames for merging. This process ultimately delivers a natural looking shot which looks like it was captured by the human eye.

Here are the Advantages of Super HDR
1. Highly adaptable with a wider dynamic range of 14EV, Super HDR can ensure perfect shots in a broader range of lighting scenarios, even in adverse ones.
2. Accurate and smart exposure selection: At up to 12 frames, Super HDR has more lighting options for its smart frame selecting strategies to correctly expose all parts of the photo.
3. Intelligent identification: The AI can perfectly identify and expose the unique shapes of these rocks, moss, waves and clouds in this shot.
4. Natural looking results: Super HDR produces more natural tones by reorganizing and optimizing the highlights and shadow portions of the scene when merging the frames and ensures the photo naturally matches the original scene as seen by human eye.
5. Perfectly lit portraits: Super HDR prioritizes the best lighting for the person in the photo and adjusts the background exposure to produce an optimal and natural portrait.

Vivo's Super HDR provides professional quality photos at the touch of a button. Using intelligent AI, Super HDR can capture more detail under any conditions.

Here's another tech this week news. Epson, expands its reach in the B2B and corporate space with a smart solutions tour in key areas in the country, including Metro Manila, Naga City and Baguio. The Epson Solutions and Technology showcase called “Our Innovation Story”, is a culmination of Epson’s leading innovations across print, scan, label, projection and wearable solutions.

Epson Reinvents Work Place with Smart Solution: 

Epson Reinvents Work Place with Smart Solution

The showcase presents Epson’s solutions being integrated into an end-user’s ecosystem across five areas including sales operations, marketing, finance, training and logistics. The showcase highlights how Epson has continued to innovate, design and build the company’s unique products and solutions from development, manufacturing and marketing with the use of the company’s own proprietary technologies.

Epson, which started out introducing quartz crystal accuracy to the wristwatch, is continuously innovating and integrating unique details in its products that address today’s business challenges.

The guided tour reveals how Epson’s smart solutions can be easily integrated across different environments to achieve process improvements, and promote collaboration and maximize productivity gains.

Five major areas and important departments in the corporate setting were the focal points in the showcase.

  • Sales Operations Department Solutions: Queuing, Self-Service Payment, Mobile POS, Digital Signage via Projectors, Smart Glasses  
  • Marketing Department  Solutions: Direct Annotation and print via Interactive projectors & BIJ printer, Color proofing & digital printing onsite with LFP 
  • Training Department Solution: Remote training and tiling via Interactive projector & camera, with high-res laser projection in small spaces with use of elbow lens
  • Finance Department  Solution: Small workgroup secure printing with RIPs, digital document archival & label printer for asset tagging.
  • Logistics Department Solutions: Use of ColorWorks to create digital color labels on-demand; reduction in cost and increased customization, while meeting GHS requirements. Use of smart glasses to improve pick-list process and overall picking accuracy 

The final leg of the "Our Innovation Story" is set to happen on March 21, 2018 in Baguio City. For more details, please visit, Facebook page

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  1. wow!! ang ganda po pala ng vivo... ang ganda rin for selfie.. yay!!! with AL technology para mas lalong gaganda yun effect ng kuha. The best!!

  2. The best camera phone talaga si vivo. I love it.

  3. I super love photography. And I didn't know that Vivo have this kind of feature i really love it


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