Pollution-Proof Your Skin with Biorè Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum

Everyday, we are exposed to different types of pollutants that harm our body. Even at home or in our work place, UV rays coming from the computer enter to our skin. All these things cause premature skin aging evident with wrinkles and dark spots.


Sunscreens protect the skin. You can choose from hundreds of sunscreen in the market but make sure to get a sunscreen that suits you.

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Sunscreen has been part of my daily skin care routine. Even if I'm just staying at home, I still need to apply sunscreen specially when working in front of my laptop.

Japanese skin care brand, Kao Biorè has come up with sunscreens that suits Filipina skin. The Biorè UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum is the latest addition to its line of skin care formulas.

Biorè UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum Review

Biorè is one of the best skin care products I've tried. It was through my auntie Lisa who's living in Japan that I got my first Biorè top products especially its facial wash. Since then, I would buy Biorè whenever I have a chance. Biorè works perfectly on my skin, leaving it smooth and silky. I also like its packaging, especially a bottle with pump which I find hygienic and economical.

Biore Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum
Biorè Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum
Biorè Sunscreen Review

I've been using the Biorè UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum for more than a week now. Compared to other sunscreens, Biorè sunscreen is light and non-greasy so you would love to reapply the sunscreen as needed. It's a perfect treat for people who do not like heavy scented creams. Best of all, it's affordable, Php399 for 150ml handy tube.

Pollution carries dirt and even diseases that are harmful to our body. So glad that Biorè came up with a UV Body Care serum with Anti-Pollution Shield. It is formulated with mineral water from Japan and has ultra light weight serum that can easily absorb by the skin. The serum also prevents skin dehydration but do not leave your skin oily.

Biorè  UV Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum has superior double UV block with SPF 50+ and PA++ promises to shield the skin from UVB rays that causes dark spots, freckles, and sunburn.

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Biore UV Body Care Serum is available in two variants:

1. Biorè  Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum in Extra Moist with Vitamin E (Php399 for 150ml)
2. Biorè Intensive White with Vitamin B3 and Yuzu Orange Extract for fairer and brighter skin. (Php399 for 150ml)

The Biorè Intensive White works in 3 ways:

Superior Double UV Block for Maximum Protection with SPF 50+ effectively blocks UVB rays causing dark spots, freckles, and sunburn. PA++ protects against UVA to prevent suntan and premature aging; Anti-Pollution Shield, and promises to give a fairer skin in 14 days with the help of mineral water, Vitamin B3, and Yuzu Orange.

Have you tried Biore Anti-Pollution Body Care Serum or any Biore products? Care to share tips on how to pollution-proof your skin? 


  1. i like you review sa body care serum. ang ganda gamitin 😊 i tried ung sa face maliit na tube, non greasy talaga siya. Sarap gamitin. same effect lng pla kay body serum kung ganun😊

  2. Wow! I didn't know na kahit nasa bahay pwede rin magapply ng sunscreen. 😉 and ang daming benefits nitong biore.


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