Currently Loving: Dentiste' Oral Care & NuEssence Glutathione

Skin, nails, and oral care are essential in overall health and wellness. Sadly, they are easily taken for granted especially when we are dead tired from the busyness at work and household chores.

The first step in skin care is removing makeup then wash your face. I understand some of us skip this step in the skin care routine for some reasons. Unfortunately, washing the face with water and soap is not enough, there's the waterproof mascara and 24 hour foundation. The dirt and makeup clogs in our pores causing blackheads and acne.

For oral hygiene, dentists recommend the use of dental floss. Aside from these routines, of course drinking lots of fluids and eating balance diet are very important. Adding food supplement to the diet is also advised except if you're taking medications, sick, lactating moms, or pregnant.

It's been a while since the last time I posted about "currently loving" products. Today, let me share two of them.

1. NuEssence Glutathione

My skin suffered from dryness and sunburn when we visited Boracay before it was officially closed in April. I am not complaining though, in fact I really enjoyed the sun, the beach, and the entire Discovery Shores Boracay we would spent the whole afternoon just lounging by the beach.

Back in Manila, I decided to modify my daily food supplement by adding NuEssence Glutathione. Here's a short story I'd like to share. I was dating my mom and saw the bottle of NU Essence Glutathione on my bag. I was surprised when she asked if she could try it. Of course, I lovingly gave her few tablets to try. Yesterday, during our Mother's Day staycation at the Bay View Park she saw the bottles of NuEssence and again was asking for the whole bottle. I laughed to my surprise that she's really serious in taking the glutathione.

Anyway, it's been a week now since I started taking NU Essence Glutathione. First thing that I noticed on my skin is that it started to become smoother and softer even without applying moisturizer. I have yet to see if my skin becomes fairer and whiter, usually the effect can be seen in 14 days so I will promise to update this post after 14 days.

NuEssence: Taste or Flavor

It's good to know that NU Essence Glutathione is made with Mangosteen fruit which is also an anti-oxidant just like glutathione. Other health benefits of mangosteen includes improves blood circulation, maintains a healthy skin, and a lot more.

NU Essence is available in tablet form which taste like vanilla candy. I take it in the morning after breakfast. For a week, I did not felt any discomfort or adverse side effects of glutathione. It is not recommended for people who are taking medications for diabetes, hypertension, also for lactating, and pregnant moms.

Price and Availability:

NuEssence Collagen is 100% made in Japan. It's available in 300mg fish collagen, L-ascorbic acid, Vitamin E and B1. Collagen helps slow aging, prevents wrinkles and lines for younger and smoother skin. SRP Php1,999 for 90 tabs and P999 for 30 tabs.

NuEssence Glutathione is available in 300mg gluta with mangosteen, L-cysteine and silk peptide. It retails at Php2,799 for 90 tablets and Php1,249 for 30 tablets.

I received comments on my IG post and stories asking about NuEssence, where to find them and price points. NU Essence glutathione and collagen tablets are available at all Watsons and Lazada.

2. Dentiste' Oralcare

To be honest, I just learned about Dentiste Oralcare products by accident, a couple of years ago. Because I'm a very loyal person and I would stick to the products I used to for several years to decades, I became more comfortable with it that I would not spend a minute to check on other items I'm not familiar with. Because I'm hiyang na with the old brand, I don't bother myself with other products.

It was by chance that I tried the oral care brand, Dentiste about two years ago. One evening, I wanted to changed my toothbrush so I opened the medicine cabinet and saw Dentiste' Toothbrush. I tried it and right that very moment, I started to like it. It was the Dentiste' German's World Best toothbrush with soft bristle, very gentle to the teeth and gums. Three months later, I changed and used Dentiste' Italy Soft Toothbrush which is perfectly the same with the one I used.

Later on, I got to try the Dentiste' Oralcare toothpaste and found out that it's better than the one I'm using. The Dentiste Nighttime Herbapeutic Toothpaste taste like peppermint. It's made with 14 Natural Extracts such as Vitamin C and other natural extracts.

Dentiste' products available in supermarkets and drug stores:
  • Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste Pump in 60g, 120g, and 170g.
  • Dentiste' Nighttime Toothpaste Tube in 5 grams, 10 grams, 20 grams, 60 grams, 100, 160, and 200 grams.
  • Dentiste' Travel Pack
  • Dentiste' Travel Set
  • Dentiste' One Night Stay
Recently, I brought my Dentiste One Night Stay travel-sized toothbrush with toothpaste during our staycation at the Bay View Park Hotel. The travel-size Dentiste' toothbrush comes with a cover and a tiny Dentiste' toothbrush, it's really a perfect personal care that you can bring when traveling. Get the limited edition Dentiste' Travel Kit which comes with Banana Peel Body Butter.

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  1. So true, lalo na kapag mommy kana. May times na halos hindi mo na maasikaso yung sarili mo kakaalaga sa mga bata. Good thing nay ganito rin, para kahit papano makamotivate sa mga mommies na to take good care especially when it comes to hygiene.

  2. Agree ako dito. Noong nagwowork pako, pag karating ng house kain prep and kain with kids then study time na.til plakda na so no time mag remove makeup na.

  3. User si sil ng dentiste toothpaste, nung sa amin pa sya nag stay i like it na pero i forgot to buy na..


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