Kapampangan Cuisine Showcased in Philips Battle of Flavors

Pampanga is know as the "Culinary Center of the Philippines" and its cuisine has been recognized in different parts of the world. 

Did you know that original and best-tasting sisig originated in this province. Kapampangan sisig do not have mayonnaise and egg. Other famous Kapampangan dishes includes tocino, morcon, and biringhe.


No wonder why Philips, a global leader in kitchen appliances chose the province of Pampanga as one of the venues for Philips "Battle of Flavors"

I've been using Philips kitchen appliances for quite a long time and I must say it makes my work in the kitchen a lot easier and even fun. I love to eat. Food will always be a celebration and so when I received the invitation to travel to Pampanga for the Nothing Beats Healthy Eats Caravan, I did not think twice. Anyway, Pampanga is just an hour or two from Manila. :)

The cook off was participated by celebrity mom, Abettina Carlos and Chef Martin Jickain with restaurateur Chef Edward. They put together a healthy spin on a menu of Filipino favorites using one famous Pampanga product, can you guess what? Tocino! 

Both teams must use any Philips kitchen appliances and showcase its versatility.


There were two participants joining each team. 

Bettina Carlos team cooked Bringhe and sisig using the Philips Airfryer, All in One Cooker, and the blender. 

Bettina-Carlos-Philips-Battle-of-Flavors Kapampangan-Food-Review-LivingMarjorney


Chef Jickain's team came up with a noodle dish creating her own noodles with the help of Philips Noodle Maker. Chef Jickain used tocino instead of choriso and came up with a very flavorful dish.

The groups were given an hour to prepare and cook their Kapampangan dishes. At the end, team Bettina Carlos won the competition. The winning group received a Philips Airfryer.


Nothing Beats Healthy Eats Caravan aims to promote local cuisine by teaching us how to easily prepare them with the help of any Philips Kitchen Appliances.

Philips Nothing Beats Healthy Eats

After the battle, we went to one of the best Kapampangan restaurants called Bale Capampangan. A buffet of Kapampangan dishes awaits us from all-time favorites to exotic Kapampangan food. I was able to try their tapang kalabaw and tinolang palaka which are tasty; the soup was very refreshing. 

Stay tuned for the next Philips Battle of Flavor, Nothing Beats Healthy Eats Caravan.


  1. Masasarap tlaga mgluto mga kapampangan. Tapos ganyan pa appliances mas masarap lalo magluto baka araw arawin ko hehe.
    Nakakproud si Bettina Carlos grabe follower din nyako.


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