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Global warming and climate change are evident. Can you feel the extreme heat on a rainy season? There's still time to save our mother earth. We can do it Juan Step at a Time

I have a small garden at home where herbs and variety of plants grow. I'm in love with my bougainvillea, it gives me joy every morning as I open the window and look at it. I can still remember it was so small when a gardener planted it in my backyard about two years ago. I thought it will die. Today, it's taller about 10 feet high, beautiful and blooming with pink flowers.

“Earth Preservation and Protection, Juan Step at a Time”

Join Juan Earth Photo Contest

Sometimes, I would take photos of this bougainvillea tree and share on my feeds.

Juan Earth is a grassroots effort produced by Write On Track and its dedicated team of community volunteers. Their goal is to educate and empower people to create a healthier, and more sustainable world. By participating in simple acts to save the earth like recycling, planting trees, and protecting animals, every Juan’s collaborative effort to preserve and protect the Earth can make an impact.

Join Juan Earth Photo Contest

Juan Earth is inviting amateur photographers to join the "Juan Earth Photo Contest" with the theme is "Earth Preservation and Protection, Juan Step at a Time." Participants must be able to incorporate a #selfeet in presenting their photos along with the theme.

Photos should capture the essence of preserving and protecting the environment. Being able to interpret Write on Track's 5th Anniversary theme: “Earth Preservation and Protection, Juan Step at a Time”

Juan Earth Photo Contest will accept entries until September 15, 2018. The Top 20 winners will receive two (2) complimentary tickets each of Juan Earth's event happening on Sept. 29, 2018. Winners will receive Php10,000 for the 1st prize, Php5,000 for the 2nd prize, and Php3,000 for the 3rd prize.

Join the Juan Earth Photo contest and show your selfeet with "Earth Preservation and Protection, Juan Step at a Time."


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