Why You Should Get a QiHoo D706 360 Smart Camera

I had a terrifying experience back in 2008 when someone was trying to get into my house. I used to live in a small neighborhood, a quiet and relaxing place in front of a small farm. I love the place especially the fresh air until one late evening someone destroyed the lock to get inside the house.


I arrived in my apartment shocked to see that the door was opened. The lights were on but no one was inside my house. Someone destroyed the lock and went inside the house. I reported the incident but we don't have enough evidence. I thought it was over but the following nights were even more terrifying. The noise from the backdoor woke me up, someone was trying to open the doorknob. He even went to the front and main door pushing the door. I was so afraid but I tried to remain calm, called the barangay hotline, my neighbor, and aunties. A week of sleepless nights until I decided to move out and leave the apartment. If there's only CCTV camera, the case could have easily resolve.


Since then I became more conscious and careful. I see to it that the doors are securely locked, triple lock at night and even during the day time. Bad people and crimes happen anytime of the day, it's best to prepare.

Why You Should Get a QiHoo D706 360 Smart Camera

Part of securing our house and us is installing a security camera. Recently, I installed the QiHoo D706 360 Smart Camera at home so we could easily monitor the house even when no one is around. Installation is definitely fast and easy.


The package comes with the following:
1. Smart Camera
2. Cable for charging
3. Adaptor
4. Screws for installation
5. Pedestal
6. Sticker as a guide for installation
7. User manual


First thing you have to do is set up the 360 smart camera which is very easy, it's like plug and play. Download the 360 Smart Camera on your phone by scanning the 360 Smart Camera QR Code located on the manual. Open the app and register. Connect to the wireless network and to your phone then you may start using the camera.


Here's a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use QiHoo D706 360 Smart Camera. Subscribe to my YouTube Channel here.

It also works well even in low light. It has motion and baby crying alert detection. Other key features includes:

  1. Full HD so the videos are clear and vivid
  2. Degree panoramic and 260 degree Tilt view
  3. Intelligent Patrol Mode Check customized zone automatically
  4. Smart mobile tracking technology
  5. Night vision
  6. Image resolution is 1080p

QiHoo D706 retails at Php4,600 available now on Shopee and Lazada. You may also visit their page, 360 Smart Camera.

Protect your home and family with the QiHoo D706, an affordable smart home security camera.


  1. Ang ganda ������
    Super hi-tech na talaga ngayon ng mga gadget at malaking tulong talaga yung cctv cam lalo na at uso ngayon ang mga kawatan. Buti na lang po at walang nangyare sayo na masama Ms. Marjorie di ka pinabayaan ni God. �� Triple ingat parin talaga.

    I have a question po,kapag ba nasa labas ka for example sa mall kailangan mo ba ng wifi or data para macheck mo yung 360 Smart Camera na yan? I mean para macheck mo ung paligid mo sa bahay kung ano na ba yung kaganapan? ���� Thanks ind advance sa sagot and godbless you.

    1. I was so afraid that evening, I thought mabubuksan nya ang door.

      Yes, you need WIFI for the Smart Camera to run and at the same time for your mobile app to function. Then you can save the video or photos na din.

  2. Galing nman,may nkamonitor na sa house habang nsa labas ka.nakaconnect sa cp.kahit tao sa bahay pede mo na ring mamonitor��

    1. This is a better way to check if may nakapasok inside the house, while you're inside your room na especially at night. You don't have to catch him/them just call the police asap.


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