Saving Mother Earth, Juan Step at a Time

The earth is changing, I can feel it in the air. I observe how the plants react to too much heat and pollution, the easily die. I seldom see birds, insects such as butterflies and grasshopper. Every morning, the moment I open the door my bougainvillea tree brightens my day. This beautiful creation reminds me of all the blessings we have.

Photo at Ted's Bed & Breakfast
A beautiful garden at Ted's Bed and Breakfast

Saving mother earth should be a group effort. If we work together we can achieve our goal faster. At home, involve your family members in growing plants edible or not. Teach the kids to segregate waste and save energy by allowing natural light to get inside our homes. We can also limit the use of our gadgets and turn off the WIFI especially if nothing important to work online.

More than 50% of old-growth forests in the Philippines are lost. More than 30,000 hectares of mangrove trees are degraded. Families who have been displaced by natural calamities reached more than 900,000. More than 640 species of animals in the country are threatened or endangered. Metro Manila alone produces more than 861,967 tons of trash. And every day, more than 40 incident reports of animal cruelty are reported.

Juan Earth 2018

Through time, the Philippines underwent changes and improvements due to modernization and development. Yes, many of us live a much easier life, but on the other side of the coin, the situation of the environment went downhill. It was as though we took Mother Earth for granted, forgetting to be mindful of its importance and significance. As Filipinos, we have our Pinoy duty to protect the only home we have before it is too late. Because where else can we live if the earth fades away?

In celebration of Write On Track’s (WOT) 5th Year Anniversary, WOT produced a grassroots effort entitled “Juan Earth” as a way of giving back to our planet. Happening on September 29, 2018, at Bonifacio High Street Activity Center, 9th Avenue, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Taguig City, Write On Track partnered with various non-government organizations (NGO) and schools in making that “Juan” step towards taking action to save Mother Earth.

Woman in Digital Lifestyle Blogger from the Philippines
Communing with nature in Tagaytay
Join us from 10:30 a.m. to 8 p.m in BGC Activity Center for a fun-filled activities. NGOs will have booths, talks, and workshops regarding their group advocacy. You can choose and support projects such as

  • Adopt-a-Seedling by Haribon Foundation
  • Adopt-a-Pawikan Nest by SIFCare-CURMA
  • Adopt-a-Giant Clam by University of the Philippines Marine Science Institute: Bolinao Marine Laboratory
  • Adopt Bruno and Katy (Dogs and Cats) by CARA Welfare. 

Bring used empty plastic bottle or used rubber slipper and exchange it for a free limited edition Juan Earth shirt.

Renz Ongkiko and Rica Garcia of Monster RX 93.1 will be hosting the event. We will also enjoy performances from FEU-IAS Dance Company and PUP Teatro Komunikado. And in closing, attendees will be serenaded under the stars by the famous OPM band, Silent Sanctuary.

For more details on Juan Earth, visit; their Facebook page and Instagram page.

Woman in Digital Blog

Together, let’s all make that JUAN step towards taking ACTION to SAVE Mother Earth for the next generation. Join us at Juan Earth Anniversary Special.


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