Starbucks Anniversary Collection: Celestial Beauty of the Undersea

There's joy in sharing coffee experiences - from spending a quiet time, alone in a Starbucks coffee house to gathering family and friends to celebrate special occasions. I started writing about Starbucks coffee in 2012 but it was in 2007 when I had my first cup of Starbucks coffee. I was then reviewing for National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX). Single shot espresso because I have no idea what to order that time but I always want strong coffee.

Starbucks Anniversary Collection: Celestial Beauty of the Undersea

On Sundays, we would visit a nearby Starbucks coffee right after church just to relax. It was only recently that I was able redeemed a slice of birthday cake from Starbucks, 59 days after my birthday. And yes, you too may receive a birthday cake from Starbucks when you purchase a Starbucks Card and register it. You'll receive a cake slice of your choice on your birthday, every year.

Apart from the birthday cake, there are many perks of having a Starbucks Card. With every purchase of a handcrafted drink, you earn one (1) stars. With every 12 earned stars you can redeem any handcrafted beverages.

Aside from coffee, I also like to check on new Starbucks Cards in the stores. Some of my favorites is the Christmas edition, Pilipinas, Spring Card 2015, and the Luzon-designed Starbucks Cards.  I keep all the other cards and just bring one which I use every time I purchase a drink, it's the first Starbucks Card which was released in the Philippines in 2013.

Celestial Beauty of the Undersea

The Special Edition Siren Starbucks Card released in 2016 was one of the most special cards. This September, Starbucks launched another limited-edition Anniversary Collection with the theme the “Celestial Beauty of the Undersea”, the artwork has ethereal qualities with the siren swimming in a sea of stars.

To commemorate its 25th year, Starbucks celebrates its legacy of coffee roasting, blending expertise and craftsmanship with a bold fusion of aged Sumatra, Papua New Guinea and Indonesian coffees blended together and roasted.

The Anniversary Blend also comes with a special Anniversary Collection which includes a wide array of merchandise. As part of its celestial theme, the line features a palette of cool shades of blue and white with hints of copper. The Siren artwork engages customers with its playful and alluring deep-sea elements, and provides a layer of whimsy to the collection.

Not to be missed is the limited edition Anniversary Blend Card that features the siren’s blue-green tail with copper gold detailing that comes with a minimum activation of ₱500.

My friends love the new Starbucks Anniversary Collection Celestial Beauty. With its playful design it will definitely make someone smile and brighten a gloomy day. How about you, what is your favorite Starbucks merchandise and design?


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