Asvel: One-Touch Rice Dispenser

There's bug in our rice!


It gave me goosebumps when I saw moving tiny creatures in a sack of rice. These rice bugs are also called weevils. Weevils or rice bugs infest or feed INSIDE the food, leaving powdery rice in the container. Weevils also love other grains, nuts, flour and pasta. Although I read that weevils are not harmful but who wants to eat those tiny creatures!

How to Store Rice to Prevent Bugs

When it comes to health, there's no shortcut and "maybe". When in doubt, I throw them away. I am also meticulous on items used to prepare food especially on knives, chopping boards, and cooking spoons.

Half sack of rice is no joke, it would costs at least Php 750 right? I learned my lesson the hard way so I decided I should get a rice dispenser. From time to time, I would do the traditional cleaning and sifting of rice using a bilao. The same process when dealing with stones or rocks in rice.

How to Properly Store Rice

Storing Rice with Asvel Rice Dispenser

Rice, flour and other grains should be kept in a clean, sealed, air-tight dry container. Sealed enough that it won't get moisture from outside which bugs and other insects love to live in. Unfortunately, the rice storage I had before is not the best food storage. It's better to spend a few hundreds for the health safety of your family.

Now, I'm using a slim and compact Asvel Rice Dispenser in white. It can store up to 12 kilograms of rice. It's a Japan-made product now available in the country. Asvel is endorsed by actress, celebrity mom, Ms. Kris Aquino.


Benefits of Asvel Rice Dispenser:

  • The Asvel Rice Dispenser is slim and space saver. It measures 16.8 x 16.5 x 7.5 inches, stands just like an old computer monitor so you know it won't occupy much space in your counter top. 
  • It's lightweight and slim.
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of high grade plastic so you're sure that it's safe.
  • Easy one-touch rice dispenser
  • Stores up to 12kg of rice
  • Has a window so you can check how much is left.
  • It comes with a drawer-type rice bins for easy access to rice.
  • The container has two wheels so you can easily move it.
Asvel Automatic Colored Rice Dispenser comes in three shades - black, white, and red. You may choose from 6kg (Php3,499) and 12 kg dispenser at Php 3,999. You can get it at all SM  Store, Rustans Department Store, Make Room, and National Bookstore.

They also offer the Automatic Clear Variant which is also an easy, one-touch rice dispenser but with a clear exterior all throughout. It comes in a slim body just like the colored with a top lid for easy refill. They are available in 6kg dispenser (Php1,599) and 12kg dispenser (Php2,499.75).

Find out other products by Asvel by visiting their page, 

Overall, the Asvel Rice Dispenser is compact and functional. The size perfectly fit my counter top. It looks cute in my small kitchen too! 


  1. Ay bet ko to lalo na mliit lng kitchen nmin , at very safe sa mga insects .,

  2. i like reading all the benefits having this at home to think na maliit lang kitchen namin.
    Galing namn nag gaganyan ka din Ms Marj ung dating way na magtanggal ng bugs and mga bato sa bigas.Kaya pag powdery na meron talagang ganyan. Our rice storage before was large can of Rebisco biscuits 😊


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