"Me Time" at HairX Hair Removal S Maison

I always look forward to "me time" and I hope you do the same. More than being vain and maarte, for me it's self-love. I take care of myself simply because I want to look great, healthy and live a long life. My recent trip to HairX, a waxing and hair removal clinic was just another "me time" session.


HairX clinic specializes in hair removal and various skin care treatments from facial treatments to brow microblading. I was offered to try the microblading but I still cannot find the courage to undergo the procedure, "medyo takot pa ako".

I wanted to try their specialty which is the hair removal but upon consultation the therapist said there's nothing to remove except on the intimate area, lol! HairX can do hair removal from small parts of the body such as upper lip, beard, chin, to large areas like the chest. Cost of hair removal depends on the location but rate startes at P900.


I had the Glow Facial treatment. A friendly therapist started the procedure by gently removing makeup using a facial cleanser. She uses a steamer to open the pores for easy extraction of white and black heads. I'm glad that the extraction was not painful, I would easily cry due to discomfort from pricking blackheads. The entire Glow Facial procedure lasted 45 minutes.

HairX's Facial Glow treatment comes with application of facial mask. Compared to other spas they do not apply the mask directly onto the skin instead they use gauze or soft cloth. The facial mask works on brightening and tightening the skin. It will stay on your skin for fifteen minutes, I was able to take a nap during that short period. Fifteen minutes later, the therapist removed the mask and wiped away excess. Final step would be application of facial moisturizer.


Aside from the facial treatment, I also avail of the underarm whitening (Pristine Light). My underarm are not that bad/dark but this procedure helps to brighten underarm and makes it smooth by removing chicken skin. They also use diamond peel to remove dead skin. Pristine Light is also available for inguinal areas.


Take note that HairX specializes in waxing and hair removal. I might consider getting a bikini laser hair removal. HairX also specializes in semi-permanent makeup tattoo, micro-blading or eyebrow embroidery. You may contact HairX at 0915-774-3139 or visit them at the 2nd floor of S Maison.

Overall, I had a good "me time" at HairX S Maison my skin feels clean and soft. I'm still thinking if I should try the eyebrow microblading. Any suggestion? After the treatment, hubby and I visited the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe.


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