Novelina Herbal Hair Color For A New Look

Maybe it's time to move on. Start with a new look, perhaps a new hair style. After all, you deserve to feel and look great. Changing hair style may inspire you to become the better version of you. I wish I could wear different hair colors on different occasions. I think it's possible nowadays that we have safe herbal hair colors to try on.

New year, new look!

The last time I had my hair coloured was almost a year ago. I wanted to dye my hair again and cover my gray hair but I am still looking for safe hair colors. I was introduced to the product, Novelina Cosmetics and its Novelina Herbal Powder Hair Color at the Filipino Bloggers Christmas Party early this month.

Herbal color, sounds good right? does it mean it has no harmful chemicals that could damage the hair and scalp? Novelina Herbal Hair Color has no ammonia and hydrogen peroxide so you know it's safe and mild. The herbal ingredients in Novelina makes it eco-friendly as well.

Novelina Herbal Powder offers variety of hair colors, I chose the Novelina Herbal Natural Brown shade even if I wanted to try the Crimson Red. I'm just afraid that it might not look good on me so I picked the natural brown instead.

I called my friendly beautician, ate Virgie to help me do the hair coloring. Although you can also do it alone, there's an instruction on how to use Novelina powder hair color at the back of the packaging. She mixed 4 sachets in 135ml or 12 tablespoons of water. The mixture turned brownish with a clay-like consistency. I noticed that Novelina hair color has no strong odor compared to other hair dyes. Ate Virgie applied the hair color evenly on my hair starting from the back until the entire hair was covered with the dye. We left it for 40 minutes, you can have it at 30 minutes as written in the packaging. Shampoo and rinse until the water turns clear.

Watch my full video here where I shared my experience of using Novelina Herbal Powder Hair Color in Natural Brown:

Watch this video, share and comment on my LivingMarjorney YouTube channel for a chance to WIN Novelina Powder Hair Color. I will choose the winner by the end of the month.

What I Like About Novelina Herbal and Keratin Hair Color:

1. It's mild and safe to the scalp and skin.
2. Novelina Herbal Hair Color is ammonia-free, it is less-damaging to the hair compared to the ones with ammonia. Ammonia could be irritating and may cause allergic condition as well.
3. Novelina has NO hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen Peroxide itself is a harmful chemical so when used in hair dye even in small amount or diluted, it could still damage the hair.
4. My hair is softer and manageable after the hair color.
5. Novelina Herbal Powder Hair Color is easy to use and apply.
6. Novelina Herbal Powder Hair Color is affordable at P29/sachet. I use 4 sachets in my shoulder-length hair.
7. The herbal and keratin powder hair color are best for gray hair coverage.
8. The Keratin in Novelina makes hair smooth and shiny even after application.

Natural Brown Hair Color

Novelina Cosmetics offers variety of beauty products that are affordable and suits every Filipina. They have whitening soap and lotion, bath soap and sunblock. For a complete line of Novelina products, you may visit their page at

Novelina Herbal Hair Color is made from Panax ginseng root extract, aloe leaf, and moringa leaf powder known safe for the skin and hair. They also uses the Japanese 3D Formula to make hair soft, shiny without the dyed-look. What do you think of my new hair style for 2019?


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