Chinese New Year Dishes Available on honestbee

Chinese New Year is one of the special occasions we celebrate in our family. The past five years has taught me a lot about Chinese culture and history. Food is one of the things I love about. Every year, my husband's side of the family would gather over lunch/dinner to welcome the Lunar New Year. We look forward to receiving sticky rice cake (tikoy) and angpao.

Chinese New Year offerings at honestbee

We love dining out on Chinese New Year but sometimes let's admit it, Chinese New Year is one of the busiest occasions and most restaurants are fully booked. This year, we decided to order food online and what better way to make Chinese New Year more festive and relax is to get them on honestbee, the leading online grocery and food delivery service not only in the Philippines but in other Asian countries.

I've tried food delivery via honestbee a couple of times, from milk tea to full meals. The recent was from 13 Ubay St Comfort Food serving Filipino cuisine. I had Laing with Dilis, Baby Pakbet and Sinaing na Tulingan which is my favorite.

The Lunar New Year is the best time to serve traditional Chinese food. This weekend, I decided to order Taiwanese Food from Tien Ma's to welcome the "Year of the Pig". Tien Mas has been our go-to places for family celebrations. We love their wide variety of Taiwanese food and its huge servings.

Tien Ma's Tainan chicken
I ordered Tien Ma's Party Platters which is good for 10-12 persons per tray. We had the Three Cups Chicken (P830), Sweet and Sour Fish Fillet (you may also order pork), Suahe with Sotanghon (P720) for longevity, Buchi and Mango Sago for dessert.

Suahe with sotanghon

More Chinese Dishes Available on honestbee

Several restaurants have partnered with honestbee to bring Chinese cuisine right at your doorsteps this Chinese New Year and anytime of the year. Decs, Wai Ying, Shi Lin and Bai Niang are available on the app. Restaurants like Lugang Cafe, Tuan Tuan and Wang Fu brings you steamed fish, a dish believed to bring in prosperity.

Of course, everyone loves to have noodles on CNY because it symbolize longevity, in fact any birthday celebration isn’t complete without it. You can order your favourite noodle dishes from Ling Nam and Ersao too. I love maki misua at Ersao.

Sweet and Sour Fish
For desserts, you may readily purchase them in bulk from S&R, Farmers Market, Isetann and Ultramega Supermarket.

On Chinese New Year, we love to eat niang nao or glutinous rice cake. You may get yours from Holland. For more sweets, order your favourable tangyuan, hopia, tikoy and more Chinese delicacies! from Eng Bee Tin.

Aside from these yummy dishes, honestbee also carry lucky charms and feng shui items from New Victory Trading. Now there’s no need to go out of your way to purchase your lucky pig figurines, Chinese lanterns and angpao as honestbee can deliver them all to your doorstep! Look for all these offerings under the Chinese New Year tab on the honestbee mobile app.

Download the honestbee app for free on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and sign up for an
account now. Visit and honestbee Fan Page for more information.

Mango Sago


There's a lot of Chinese and even Filipino food/restaurant to choose from the honestbee app. Celebrate the Lunar New Year, Year of the Pig worry-free and spend more time with the family. Happy Chinese New Year to all of us!


  1. Happy CNY sa inyo Ms Marj ☺️ I crave for sinaing na tulingan tuloy☺️ Good to know Honestbee is of service during this season, marami din ang nagcecelebrate ng CNY ☺️ Ang tempting ng mga food ☺️

  2. ang sarap! bet kong matry yung mango sago.. mas nakakagutom

  3. Sarap ms marj. Bilis talaga pag honest bee. HHappy CNY po


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